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Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanks to dickie for a such lovely award. With this certificate will give me extra value in CV

Okay, recently I am going to Royal Albert Hall London (RAHL) weh. Well, since I was invited to go there, I don’t want to miss the opportunity, mahal tau kalau nak pergi sana saja- saja. The reason I was invited to go there is because my name was nominated as MOST INFORMATIVE COMMENT in Dickie Awards 2008. Well if you in the media and entertainment field, Grammy and Oscar Award are most grand and special event to you. But, in the world of blogging, Dickie Award is the most important award after all the hard worked done. 

Inilah dia award yang telah aku menangi. Although the trophy looks like a DICK-ie, but I'm still glad that I've won this award!

On my way to the Royal Albert Hall London, the treat given to me by the organizer was so amazing. Well what do you aspect? Of course I having first class air plane, five star hotel and thumb ups meal and so on. And I met few of my friends like Aliya bawang goring (tengok nama pelik pun boleh datang RAHL weh). Dan aku dengar nama dia juga dicalonkan. Kami di-spedo oleh pihak penaja selama 5 hari okay. 

And basically, that night was amazing, the performance, dance, food, service and all, tahniah weh! Dan aku sangat tidak menyangka, mereka menjemput Jesse McCartney weh. Dan aku dapat bergambar dengan dia. Huahuahua. Best gila! Well, at the first moment, I just go there and have fun watching my friend winning the award. Plus I was not even hoping if I could win this award, but then, when the presenter which is Awal Ashaari collaborates with Robert Pattinson announce and open the envelop I felt so nervous. 

Awal: hahaha.. Look what we have here! Twilight star! Robert Pattinson.

Robert: Hehe.. Thanks Awal. How you doing man?

Awal: I’m fine. Thank you.  So what do you think about today award?

Robert: Well, honestly, I think this is the best award ever!

Awal: Shall we start Robert?

Robert: Yes. Next award is most informative comment. And the nominees are 

(keluar la skrin besar, nama- nama calon dgn lagu- lagu. Nama aku pun ada sekali weh) 

Awal: And the winner is…..

Awal & Robert: Danny Mccartney!!! 

Robert: Please give round applause to Danny McCartney!

Audience: Whoooa! 

Aku dengan rasa terkejutnya bangun sambil bersorak keriangan. Dan turun tangga menuju ke pentas untuk mengambil trofi. Alangkah bahagianya bila dapat memenangi anugerah yang sangat berprestej ini 

I walked to the microphone while holding a 17kg gold trophy. I just don’t know how to start. But a hundred of thousand of people watching over me. So I guess I have to make a speech. And the speech goes like this: 

“Thank you to all of you. Thanks for everything, thanks for the gold. Thanks dickie, thanks faiz. Okay bye.”


Hahaha… just kidding. That is just what I’ve imagine when I walked just now. 

“Ehem, ehem.. Testing mic one, two, and three...” 


“What a surprise. Thank you to everyone, thank you. After all the hard work, this is what I’ve got. Thanks to my mom and my dad. Because of you, I can see the world. Thank for growing me up without failed. A special thanks to Faiz cause believing me. You give me inspiration a lot. Because of you my blog recently active. And you give constructive comment on me without failed. Thanks to the organizer for all the hard work and the nice and high class treatment as well. I hope next year will be more first class air plane, five star hotel and so on. Hahaha… Thanks to all my friends for bring colours to my life. Because of all you guys, I gained a lot of experience and the ultimate source for me to blogging.  Thanks to my special one, you give me strength, you give me anything. You always beside me when I need you the most. You always here for me. I love you so much cayang. Once again, a thousand gratitude to all of you. Love ya…     




4 tenggelam:

Aliya Azmi said...

jap. aku nak tergelak tahap GABAN ni!



DaNnY oCeaN said...


"thanks to everyone..." hahaha..
dalam comment pun nak kasi speech ke Danny?!

ladies and gentleman,
kalau anda rasa seronok baca my untitled entry, sila la beri komen yang panjang berjela okay.

Im felt so glad and excited until I can't think what are the most suitable title to fit in.

a thousand gratitude to Faiz for the award. I'm appreciate so much.

DicKiE aDaMs said...

hehe gile la punya imagination.. xpe who knows one day it'll come true kan?

erm welcome. ur one of the friend that i appreciate the most.. so u deserve the awards..

frenz 4eva danny!

Rikhman said...

twilight tak best la..i tdo okaay,