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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tik Tok, Tik Tok, Tik Tok... Congratulations...!!!,---

First of all, I would like to say sorry to those invovled with this entry directly or indirectly... Especially to Mr. Nasrul Faiz because aku copek gambar ko kat myspace tanpa kebenaran...

ni gambar yang aku tgk masa mula2 Faiz jadi kawan aku kat myspace...

Second of all, this entry specially made for my friend who currently celebrating his 21st year old birthday yesterday... (Sorry kakak, sampai skunk aku tak wish birthday ko...).

sekali pandang, nampak macam perempuan sundal yang bitch!! hahaha...

Third of all, this entry also specially made for those who actaully "Graduate" after spending three year in the prison of UiTM Melaka.. Hahahaha... (I'm gonna miss those Bitches)


Mr. Nazrul Faiz, I officially would like to wish u a Happy Belated Birthday. I met this guy three years ago. During the Auditon, untuk jadi pengacara, and during that time we celebrating our first Fesscomm (masa tue kita masing2 berada dibawah tampok pimpinan AKAK RICKY- Mak Hayam besar fakulti masscomm). Because of I'm not well prepared, he help me alot to ensure that I can go to the next stage- I can sense it FAiz!!! hahaha...

Ni Gambar Women yang Jantan.. hahaha.. Hensem sial!!

Back then, dia part two, and aku part one. During this time, perbezaan jurang senior and junior sangat la ketara kerna baru ada dua genarasi untuk faculti masscomm. Tapi I don't see that thing when I saw him. Bukan la nak mengampu tapi dia memang x macam senior2 masscomm yang lain.

ko memang wajar dikecam hebat pabila keberanianmu itu x bertempat. chit!!!

Later on, nak dijadikan cerita, we become close as me and him menjadi PM. It was last year if im not mistaken. Masa tue aku part four, and dye part five. we had a lot of fun. Although we're tired cause we have to take care of our self and also all the spoil-brat-part-one, but we manage to make our self happy because of you.


Ingat tak?
1. Kita keluar makan Pizza ramai2 nak kereta Boy?
2. Kita bagi nama dekat semua BDP yang ala2 blur, mcm Tia Pedreson laloya latote lalovang?
3. Ko berebutkan K.*. dengan nuar? Bukan K (bukan nama sebenar) je, tapi N*# sekali. hahahaha...
4. mcm mana perkataan MEGA & SEGHEM tue boleh popular?

ni gambar dia yang terkenal dalam facebook. (terkenal ker?)

Dear readers, aku pernah sekali keluarkan entry pasal Faiz, klu nak baca la entry ni

Masa mula2 tgk, ingatkan pengkid mana la td?
aku pon tak tahu kenapa aku amik gambar ni... tapi mata dyerunk sama, dan memiliki naipok yang sama besar.. hahahahaha...

Next I officially wish all the Masscomm part 6, "Happy Graduate". I'm gonna miss you guys. There nothing that I can give to all of you except our memory been together. Sharing our laugh, mengumpat sesama and so on. Please except my-x-seberapa-gift-ni. A song entitle This I Promise You from Nsync (lagu tue dengar sendiri and cari sendiri okay). I promise that, I won't forget you. It will be noted in Memoir of Danny!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Honey and Clover...

After Me spending my time for few days watching Hana Kimi, Me continue with watching Honey & Clover, and Me just finished watched just now. Basically, I (eh silap, Me...) satisfied watching this movie. As Me so addicted to Japanese Movie, Me will continue my journey in watching Japanese movie.

The uniqueness of this story is the story line. Although this story didn't make me cry, but Me can feel the sadness more the Hana Kimi story. The story was so fucking sad, ditambah pulak dengan lagu yang sangat menyayat hati, but it doesn't make me cry at all... (Aaarrrgggghhhh... that hurt man. its damm painful)

As my eye getting close, me will explain more about this story later...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hana Kimi- This is all your fault!!!

It has been awhile since the last time I updated myself from this blog. I've been busy with all my work, well u know, assignments, exam and stuff... For this time, I going to blame Ms. Mayu and Izzul Iswat. This is all their fault.

For this semester, I need to learned Multimedia Design and Production (PUB351). For this subject I need to came out with 2 major project which is for individual assignment as well as group assignment (like always la weh). Its not a big deal for me doing individual assignment as we all need to came out with interactive father's day card. But, when it comes about group assignment, it make me crazy until now. What am I trying to say is not about the hard work of making the work, but it is because these two fella (Ms. Mayu and Issul Izawat)make me so ADDICTIVE with JAPANESE MOVIE and KOREAN BAND.

Ms. Mayu asked all of us to came out with either interactive CD or interactive website. The major problems here is we need to promote Korean Band. It is not difficult for us to looked up for the information as nowadays we have all the access to the Internet.

FYI, majority of the mass comm student especially part 5 now are so addictive with Korean Band named Wonder Girl. I'm sure some of you heard of it. (go to youtube and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqtzQkoJS_k to watch the video) Every single day, I need to at least watch the video of Wonder Girl- Nobody once a day, and listen to the song at least five time a day. hahahahaha...

And the most important is Japanese Movie. I'm so addictive to watch all the Japanese movie that I have given by Mr. Izzul Iswat, one of my classmate. At the first time, I watched Lovely complex. And start from that, I'm so in love with Japanese movie. That one of the reason why u guys can see all my shout out at myspace and facebook telling about I'm fall in love with Teppei Koike.

When Izzul gave me a copy of the Japanese movie, i'm felt so excited as I already fall in love with Japanese Movie. The first movie that I watched from Izzul copy was Hana Kimi. Aku still tak boleh terima kenyataan that I actually cried watching this movie, instead of having CUPCAKES in this movie, their story line was so smooth and yet make me felt so touched until I cried sampai mata aku LEBAM. (Izzul, aku taknak kawan dengan ko, ko memang VAVI!!!!)

Later on, I'll reveal to you guys about the synopsis and the characters.

These are the three stooges yang ada dalam ceita ni... CUPCAKES, I LIKE!!!!

P/S: Aku tak kisah apaorang nak cakap pasal aku cause I'm so addcictive to Japanese Movie and Korean Band. Faiz and Rick, I know u guys ganna like it the most... hahahahahaha...