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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Voice Over Audition- Xiaolin Showdon

Yesterday, I can't manage myself to get sleep early. Maybe because I'm too nervous thinking of the audition. Well, every time I get myself into the audition, I'll get nervous. Especially when I'm not well prepared. I slept at 4 o'clock in the morning, and I'm manage to woke up at 7. I called Mar as she eager to follow me to the audition. Let me tell you guys how can I know about the audition. Well, few weeks back, I saw and invitation event from someone. Saying that, there is an audition for voice over, and I had no idea how's the audition going to be look like.

After doing the wake up call with Mar, I get my self ready, and we took a bus on 8:45 a.m. at Alor gajah. The bus arrived at the Puduraya on 11 o'clock. So we took our Brunch (breakfast + lunch) at Central Market (CM). After that, we walked to the Pasar seni to took a train heading to Wangsa Maju. From there, my classmate Elle will take over the journey to the studio. Along the way, I'm still thinking, whether should I take this audition or not. Finally we arrived at Sunway Batu Caves, and raining at that time.

Masa ni dekat stesen Wangsa Maju, tunggu Elle.

By the time we was there, one of the staff pick us up. We have to wait because the director haven't come yet. So, the staff show us on the equipment and also the story of this cartoon. We had a chat with the staff as well. Finally, the director has come at 2.30 p.m. (Biasalah, janji melayu, cakap pukul 2, datangnya pukul 2.3o.).

Because this is the first time, we had an audition for the voice over talent, so a little nervous is a usual, and the result is, we had a chance to see the other interviewee doing the voice talent first. So, after the second contestant finish the audition, it is my turn to try my luck. So, I entered the room, and start doing voice over, at the first, am not doing well. After a moment, the audition went well, but I think, I'm the only contestant who took the longest time in that room.

Dalam studio, buat voice over

This is the line that I've to read and buat suara latar:

Dojo: (shivers, then...) Ha! Kelakarlah awak ni, Wuya! Awak dah pecahkan cermin pembalikan! Tujuh tahunlah nasib malang awak. Padan.. Muka.. Awak!!

Raimundo: (Bored sigh) Apa gunanya. (os) Saya je yang selalu dapat markah penuh sebab tak ada orang lain nak main benda ni,

Clay: Saya faham. Jadi kenapa tak gunakan kuasa the eye of dashi?

Raimundo: Bukan, ia bukan kereta saya... Cantik juga kereta ni, memang cantik. Paling cantik yang pernah saya lihat. Uh, tapi ia bukan yang saya maksudkan. (os) apa yang saya maksudkan, apa guna saya ada semua ni, tapi tiada orang nak berkongsi dengan saya. Saya perlukan kawan- kawan.

Director tunggu kat sini dan dengar suara kami, studio dia kat sebelah

So, after that, few guys take a sit on that room before they proceed with mar and Elle. Mar doing the voice over very well. The director smile all the time. the line that for the ladies is like this:

Wuya: Oh, tidak, tidak, tidak. Awak ada semuanya Raimundo.

Kimoko: Okay, saya keliru. bagaimana kita nak mengalahkan Wuya kalau Shen Gong Wu tak berfungsi nak melawan dia?

Omi: maafkan saya wahai orang mulia, saya harap awak boleh bantu saya untuk berjumpa dengan datuk saya.

tengok alatan- alatan dia, simple je.

After few hours frozen in that studio, we manage to finish our audition at 5.30 p.m. So, we took a taxi and go to the nearest Putra station which is Gombak.

From Gombak, we went to KLCC and go to get some food. Have some cigaratte, window shopping and back to Pudu. Dan balik la ke UiTM.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

From Sugarikhness to Dannilicious ---> Kena Tagged!

Hehehehehe I've been tagged. That's COOL. Totally awesome! Thank you Rick! Love ya so much.

Rick, I do love eat too. (:
Syuen Hotel, the place where I worked as a waiter there.
Bila nak tulis entry ni, mengimbau kembali zaman- zaman aku kerja as a waiter at Coffee House in Syuen Hotel dulu. I love to eat Fish N Chips at the coffee house. The fish was so fresh, and I can see how fresh the fish, because I worked there. With the home made coleslaw ( Finally found the correct word) make the fish n chips such a pleasure to eat. Not to forget eat with the tartar sauce. Now, I'm Juicy! Teringin sangat nak makan Fish N Chips. Owh ya, usually this meal is for my dinner.

Fish N Chips

I also like to eat cakes. For sure its from Secret Recipe! I Love to have their Marble Cheese Cake. 1st time when I heard the name of marble, I thought it was a tile, how could they put a tile on a cake? Hahahahahaha. Or I usually ordered Chocolate banana or the other one is Chocolate Indulgence. These cakes is SUPER YUMMY and totally dannilicious, eh silap, delicious!

Marble Cheese Cake

Chocolate Banana

Chocolate Indulgence

Last but not least, I like Chocolate ice cream, I know, again with the chocolate. Mana- mana kedailah yang ada Chocolate ice cream. hehehehe (:
Okay, now I wanna tag
  1. Padin
  2. Hans
  3. Pudin
  4. Izzul

Yang lain, semua dah kena tag dengan rick!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

There is no charge for awesomeness and attractiveness

Once in a blue moon, we found awesomeness and attractiveness.

Okay, first of all let me clarify you the meaning of awesome-ness

  1. Go to the nearest bookstore and find cik gayah dictionary or dickitionary.

  2. Find he word A.W.E.S.O.M.E

  3. Look at the meaning no. 52.

  4. You'll find out that Faiz's face was there. Hahahahahaha...

Now, let me define you guys the meaning of attractiveness.

  1. Go to the nearest bookstore and find the book entitle " Buku ini untuk orang yang S.L.O.W."

  2. Turn to page 1552.

  3. Find the word SLOW, eh silap, cari perkataan A.T.T.R.A.C.T.I.V.E.

  4. You'll fill out that Muka Aliya on that page.

  5. You'll get confuse. Hahahahahaha...

Okay, all I want to say is, these two people memang awesome and attractive. Faiz and Aliya jangan bangga sangat okay!

Awesome- Faiz awesomeness can't be denied! Am I right? His blog was totally awesome, and many of us attracted to read his blog. Yet he charge us nothing. His awesome idea to wrote something on his blog absolutely priceless but still he charge us nothing, and still, he allowed us to visit more often. Another fact is, Faiz still have a few awesome thing like, his confident level, his work, his brain and definitely his result.

Attractive- This young women attractiveness is totally doubtful. Ceh, takdalah. As a lady, she is attractive. But her idea kind a attractive, her thought and her skills in gaming. hahahaha... Tapi kalau lihat balik pada gambar- gambar tue, attractive ke? You guys do the answer. Hahahahaha...

This is the fact that I can see on these two people based on my experience working with them. And I kinda admit that they was totally a great person. This post absolutely not to mengampu or something, just to show them some appreciation. Plus, aku baru je habis tengok Kung Fu Panda, and dalam line tue dia cakap "there is no charge for awesomeness and attractiveness". So aku terus dapat ilham untuk buat post ni. Plus, this post might be cheering up someone like Faiz yang tengah sedih nak tinggalkan kampus ni lagi beberapa hari je lagi. Hahahahahaha, I can see you smiling Faiz (or crying).

P/S: berkali- kali aku salah taip untuk perkataan A.W.ES.O.M.E & A.T.T.R.A.C.T.I.V.E. even sampai aku nak tulis kat sini pun aku still salah tulis lagi. And maybe after this korunk boleh cerita pasal aku pulak!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Day Bermula Hari INI!

Ehem, ehem..
Testing, testing..
Aaahhh.... Ada pun.

Today is my first day, going out. I mean really going out from my room. After fews day staying in my room start from last Friday. During that time, I have not received any sunlight, breathing fresh air and looking at the nature. Itulah kesan daripada sakit aku, kerna aku jarang sakit, but once I get sicked, memang sakit teruk like I'm dying. I got to admit, I lost my weight, because during that time, aku tak sentuh nasi langsung sampailah semalam Mr. Boy belikan selepas balik dari Langkawi. During that, I just makan empat bungkus maggie

Friday- Tak makan apa- apa langsung, kecuali minum air je (hari aku start demam)
Saturday- Sebuku roti yang harga dia RM0.50, Padin yang kasi (Thank you). Dan Sebungkus Maggie pada malamnya.
Sunday- Dua bungkus Maggie, satu siang, satu malam.
Monday- Satu bungkus je.

All this thing happened because, aku memang dah tak larat nak jalan. Nak ke toilet pun aku dah semput, inikan nak keluar. Nasib baik aku ada maggie tau. My face totally Cengkung dah sekarang. Dan seram weh, when you guys staying alone at your blok. (thanks Faiz, sampai sekarang aku still tak received surah yassin tue).

Anyway, bukan semua yang di atas tadi aku nak ceritakan, tapi pasal what happened today. After one step I take out from my block, in front of my eye standing one man named Mr. Boy, smiling at me, and next to him is Mr. Puteh (a very huge cute Teddy Bear). And actually, He bought Mr. Puteh for me okay, straight away from Langkawi. Comel dowh, putih dan sangat gebu!

Me and Mr. Puteh

Not just that, the whole family of Komander give me thousand of chocolate. Yes Faiz, Boy pun bagi juga. I'm so happy, eventhough I can't manage to join them, but, they actually not forgetting me, that's the beauty of "adik- beradik komander".

Golden Chocolate, mmmmmm... Yummy, Do you want some?

Eventhough I step out from the block today, but still I'm not fully recover, I have to walked slowly or else I'll semput. First thing, We need to send Ali (JOWO- My classmate) to MC (Melaka Central). We chat all the way to MC. And we Arrived there, Ali go and find his ticket to Klang, and we just sit in the car and enjoying all my GOLDEN CHOCOLATE (Semua orang belikan aku chocolate gold version, like Cadbury gold, Tablorone Gold and many more). I swear to God, memang sedap, memang berbaloi ko tak makan nasi!

We realize that, Ali take his time buying his ticket too long, and I called him,

ME: They Macha, mana kau lah weh?

Ali: Kat dalam lagi, tengah beratur, tadi pergi cucuk duit.

ME: Owh okay.

we wait, again, again and again. Tapi tak sampai- sampai lagi. Suddenly Ali called me.

Ali: Danny (in a very sad intonation)
Me: Apa? Mana kau?
Ali: Tiket Habis.
Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (LAUGHING LIKE HELL)Owh okay, takpe la, kau ikutlah aku balik rumah Boy.
Ali: Aku geram weh, orang depan aku dapat tiket yang last. Sampai turn aku je, tiket habis.
Me: Takpelah, takde rezeki tue, moh datang sini cepat.
Jahat tak aku? Ali tak dapat tiket, aku gelakkan dia bagai nak rak. Hahahahahahaha, tapi memang lucu pun. So, aku pun gelaklah, hahahaahahahaha...... Kami pun baliklah ke rumah Mr. Boy. Sampai rumah dia and lepak2 dan makan nasi. Hehehehehe.. Nasi okay. Sungguh lama aku idamkan saat-saat ini. Lama kot tak makan nasi, dan aku sangat kurus sekarang, tapi tak boleh lawan RICK lah, dia SKINNY kot.
After lunch, we take a break and watching TV. After that, Ali berkeras nak juga cari tiket untuk esok pula. Then, off we went to the MC again. Along the way, I suddenly thinking my senior from my previous school.
Me: Weh korang, mana lagi jauh lari? Dari Civil engineering ke Masscomm or dari Mechinical engineering to Medic?
Ali: Hrmmmm... Wait let me think. Mechy ke Medic la. Sebab dulu dia tak ambil BIO kan? Kenapa?
Me: Hahahhahahahahaha.. Takdalah, ada sorang senior aku nie, dulu dia Mechy and now ambil Medic.
(Last year)
Me: Ko kat mana sekarang?
Senior: Kat Cyberjaya.
Me: Buat apa sekarang?
Senior: Medical
Me: Hahahahahahahahaahaha (Gelak Macam Setan)
Senior: Apesal ko Gelak?
Me: Lawak la.
Senior: Apa yang lawak?
Me: Ko Lah, dari Mechy ambil medic, macam mana aku tak gelak.
Paaaang, aku kene pukul dekat kepala sebab gelakkan dia.
(Kembali dalam kereta)
Kami: HAhahahahahahahaha (semua pun gelak bila dengar cerita aku)
Then kami pun sampailah dekat MC tue. Cari sama- sama tiket Ali. And he finally found his ticket back to Klang. After that, we go to Dataran Pahlawan (DP) to watch INKHEART..

Sunday, January 25, 2009

2000- Tahun NAGA ---> 2009- Tahun Lembu

First of all, I want to wish all my chinese Happy Chinese New Year (CNY). Hahahahaha.... Well, aku sendiri tak tahu samada salah silah keluarga aku ada berketerunan cina atau tidak. But Since I was born, eh, yea ker? Tak kisah la, yang penting, sejak aku kecil lagi, aku dah berada dengan chine people. Yes, Am living in Chinese Neighbourhood.
FYI, I was born in Tahun Naga, in Chinese Calender, and I got to admitted that, I kinda love this Tahun Naga. The recent year of celebrating CNY in Dragon year was in year 2000. I don't even remember how was the celebration look like. And next coming CNY in Dragon year is in 2012. I definitely can't wait until that moment.
Masa aku kecil- kecil dulu, jiran- jiran aku yang berketerunan cina akan datang rumah aku dan bagi kuih and definitely limau. Well, I got to admitted that, when i was a child, I kinda a famous kid on the neighbourhood. Everybody who see me, will give me angpau. Yup, I can collect rm500 just in one single night.
Now, things changed. everything changing. Even me, no one wants to give me angpau anymore. Sedih tau. Lebih menyedihkan, CNY tahun ni, aku terpaksa celebrate sorang- sorang dekat kampus. Anyway, forget the past, let's move on.
After this, kita ramai- ramai beli limau okay. Makan sampai lebam. Last but not least

We're Homeless = AJL ke- 23

Alright, let me tell you guys one thing. In my class, there is one super duper mega mak ayam. We called her Shirin Aziha Shahidan, you know why? This all happened because of she is too interested in PR subject, so she actually do the practical in a real world. And we really doesn't care if she get A for the subject. She to superb of doing PR and the result is, lately, we get the ticket for AJL ke- 23 Iluminasi musik. One thing you guys should know, the whole of class F got a chance to go to the Stadium Putra(SP), Bukit Jalil to watch the AJL. Yes, we had the opportunity to watch during the rehearsal and the actual day as well.
on the way ke SP
The story begins when the time pointing at 4:30 p.m. At that time ZAmir was voted to be the head for the journey, and hell yes, the whole class convoy driving cars. So, sharp at 5 o'clock in the evening off we went from the campus to Stadium Putra. Owh my, I missed one part. Our mak ayam already go because one of our class mate sangat la mengada- ngada. You know why? Let me explain you in detail. His name is You-Know-Who, and the whole class called him REMPIT. He become such a mengada-ngada person when he need to cuts his hair. I tell you people, he won't cut his hair anywhere else except in REMBAU only! That really ridiculous. So, we arranged a place with our mak ayam, so that we can meet and move to SP together, and yes we decided to meet all of us at RNR Nilai.

all of us had a fun
When the clock pointing directly at 7.45p.m. we arrived at the parking. Everybody rushing, takut kalau- kalau tak boleh masuk sebab lambat. But Finally, we did. JUst few of us can entered the hall because of we bring our DSLR, so nak tak nak, kena la simpan dalam kereta. Baru la dapat masuk.
We seat at the front line. Tak da lah depan sangat, but its better. We scream and we enjoy like always, thats the best part of it. But before that, kinda alots of things happen to us, like kami tak boleh masuk sebab bawa kamera, Shirin kena tahan, sebab bawa makanan.
Well the story is like this, as a PR practitioner, all of us collect rm1 each to buy a cupcake for the producer of AJL, as a thank you because giving us 50 tickets (that alot man!). Shirin dengan rasa terhutang budinya nak membalas jasa producer tu, dia pun bawa la cupcake, tetapi kena tahan plak.
Guard: Sorry, No outside meals allowed! (dalam hati : owh food! am starving)
Shirin: Owh, sorry, this is not for us, this is for the producer, Kak Kelly (betui ka orang nya shirin?) (dalam hati: biaq pi la aku nak bawak apa pun!)
Guard: Wait here! (Looking at the cupcake)(dalam hati: why don't you guys just give it to us?)
Few second later, another guard,
Guard 2: Yes? What can I help you guys? (dalam hati: apa plak ni?)
Shirin: (muka geram + sekupang 5 duit) We bought this for Kak Kelly, the producer!(dalam hati: bongek, awat susah sangat ampa semua nak lepaih kan aku ni?)
Guard 2: Owh, okay. You can send it to her by your own. (dalam hati: cis, melepas plak)
end of the story
on the way back, right after the rehearsal
But, i thing i didn't tell you guys the next part right? After the rehearsal, we decided to do our own after-party. So, off we went to the Nasi Lemak Kg. Baru. Yeay!!!! kitaorang pergi makan-makan sampai lebam. Hahahahaha... Best betul. Serious best. After makan we have to split up, some of us have to go back to campus, and some of us going back to thier own house. But how about me? Hehehehe... This is where the true story start.

the actual day, before entering the hall

Let me do the details. During that time,

  • two cars
  • five person
  • full tank of petrol

At first, we sent our friend at Taman Melawati. Okay, dah hantar dah, habis cerita, sepatutnya, kami lepak dekat rumah kawan Hazrul. Tapi sebab kawan dia pun terlibat secara langsung dengan AJL, jadi kawan dia belum balik lagi kerana ada post- mortem. So, we decide to lepak lagi. Shirin calling everyone she knows just to hangout with us. And, we got respond, they want us to go to SS15. Yayy! Like, hell ya, jauh kot! Tapi tak pe lah, kami pun pergi. Alih- alih, kawan shirin tak boleh datang sebab mak dia tak kasi keluar. SHIT! Kami pun lepak lah sesama kami. sampai pukul 4.30 pagi. Kawan hazrul terus diam membisu.

you know whos the winner- MUH

Because of we all have car and petrol, we decided to jalan- jalan. Dan kami lalu satu tol.

Shirin: Abg, waktu2 macam ni, mana tempat yang best huh?

abg tol: waktu macam ni mana ada tempat best? balik rumah tidur la.

Shirin pun jalan, aku pun ikutlah dia dari belakang. And suddenly, Shirin stop! I go next to her car, and I can see she laughing like hell.

Aku: What happened?

Hazrul: Danny, Kita dah xda rumah.. hahahahahaha..

Aku: hahahahahahaha.. And why is that happened?

Hazrul: kawan kami gaduh dengan housemate dia, so dia pon dah lari dari rumah. hahahaha..

All the way we laughing. Laughing that we're HOMELESS. hahahahahaha... Although it is sad news, but its funny. hahahahaha..

the stage- what to you guys think? we all in the 4th floor

Kami pun sampai la di Dataran Merdeka, dengan semua orang mata dah lebam. We decided to check in at the nearest and the cheapest place. Cari punya cari, akhirnya kami jumpa juga, dekat sejam la kami cari. We check in at Hollywood hotel, at the price of rm50. So, 5 5 orang masuk, dengan shirin2 sekali masuk. Room just had a bed, air-cond, mini tv and that it. No space for you to walk inside.

we had fun, seriously

We check out at 12 o'clock. Nasib baik la sempat mandi kat hotel tue. Our main concern after checking out, is food! So our next destination is CM. Kami pun dengan senang hati jalan kaki pergi CM. Dan dengan senang hati kami pergi makan dekat food court. Tetapi lepas tue, kami tak senang hati sebab duit dah kurang. Then, all of us wildly try to find ATM mechine. And we finally found the place. With full of confident, we walked heading to the ATM. But suddenly ada plak seorang maknyah ni lalu. spoil betul la.

Mak nyah: Haha.. Gayboy!

Kami: sentap!

Memang la x sedar diri punya pondan laha. TUA, Keji, MUka berkedut! Bersusuh bagai (berjanggut), DRAG. tetek londeh. BUSUK!

Dalam hati kami sabar jela. Nasib baik bukan tempat kami, kalau tidak, memang nahas aku kerjakan. Kami pun blah dengan kadar yang segera. Jalan- jalan, then right after 4 o'clock, we heading to SP. Then kat situ kami tunggu kawan2 kami.

The End

they had fun, of course

and he had fun too, definitely

don't know what to say! takie, you're the best!

P/S: actually there is alot thing happened. But I can't tell everything. Nanti you guys get boring.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Festival Filem & Video Pelajar Malaysia ke- 6

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, this in emergency news casting. sit back and relax, as well as you pay attention. Today, our country received a very shocking news whereby the student of UiTM Melaka attacking the University Of Putra Malaysia UPM in short. According to sergeant suzana Sundel Bolong, this attack were lead by the lecturer itself. She add, this student is very well planned. They gather around 4.45 p.m. in front of their co-coordinator room. Surprisingly, the didn't used mask or anything else. "According to our investigation, their motive is to let everybody in this country recognize them well" she add. they also well dress in formal. With a help of local resident, the authority manage to caught few of them, that believes as their side kick of the gang. The test and research are immediately taken after the caught. And the result is, most of the student having a syndrome called cacat-otak-sebab-tunggu-bas-lama-sangat. (lihat gambar dibawah)
waiting for the bus, janji pukul 5.45 pm tapi dah pukul 6 pm pun belum nampak tayar bas.

This gang is actually studying diploma in mass communication and media studies, and most of them were in final year. When they reached at the UPM, the do some formation. It is a trick, so that they can attack together. Not just that, actually they brought their crony with them from all over the place. They have waited in the hall start from 8:05 p.m.. According to the witness, they actually act like a normal person, taking picture like a cam-whore (I don't know how was it spell). When they found a camera or DSLR, they showing their face of Sasha fierce! (tengok muke sater @ hafiz)

we waited alot! like hell, and yes now we waiting for the master of the ceromony = MC
we've been receiving a lots of information, and one of the informer said that, they actually scream like hell and yes you can see their anak tekak terkeluar dari mulut mereka. And our most reliable source said that, when the screaming time, there is one person who actually lead, which is Mr. Danny McCartney. He is the most wanted person in this country. His voice can threat our national security. (tengok Muka beliau!)

Mr. Danny McCartney
Well, not only that. Mr. Danny had an assistant. His Named is Apong Chang Rak Ter from Thailand. Apong Is the best side- kick in the team because of his ability. Until know, no one knows his ability. (macam Biasa, tengok bawah)

Mr. Apong Chang Rak Ter
Before they do the attacking, they had a picture with the winner for the Festival Filem & Video Pelajar Malaysia ke- 6. And some of the winner is their group member. (tengok la kat bawah ni)

The winner! And they celebrate it together
He also dreaming of winning those trophy someday!
As a result of the soal siasat, the authority actually found out that, they all admire Datok JINS SAMSUDIN, and they had the oppurtunity to take picture with him. ( Lihat gambar bawah)
Datok Jins Samsudin
best sangat, yang paling kiri hensem gile: hadi,anuar, hafiz, danny & hazrul
padin yang mega
Well, here is the thing, Padin is also one of the important person on that group, making he one of the top most wanted person (lihat gambar dibawah)
Anuar Poyo & Hadi
Mr. Danny & the winner
One thing for sure, among this group, Padin and Hadi is the most cam-whore ever, and because of that, their mission to attack UPM not going so well, which cause them been caught. (tengok gambar kat bawah ni okay)

cam-whore & menyemak- Padin & Hadi

Danny kena asthma attack + demam panas + duduk dekat kampus sorunk2 = xjadi pergi langkawi

Hari ni, semua orang dah start bercuti. Siapa yang sempat balik semalam, hari ni dah ada dekat rumah. Siapa yang balik hari ni, akan merasa cuti start petang ni atau pun malam ni. Tapi aku? Hrmmmm... Tak tahu macam mana nak cakap, tapi lebih baik aku cerita sahaja.
Few days back, am having a really bad flu, until yesterday, am not recover from my flu, plus to make it worst my asthma attacking me real bad yesterday. Dan lebih menyedihkan lagi, sepatutnya aku berangkat ke Langkawi semalam. Tetapi memandangkan aku nak mengangkat kaki pun dah tak larat, jadi aku pun taklah ikut mereka yang lain.
i haven't eat anything start from yesterday. If any food enter my mouth, I definitely will vomit back. Even now, I push myself to blogging because im too bored, there is nothing to do, especially when you are alone and sick.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

aku gembira...

Dalam masa pertukaran tarikh di antara 14hb Jan ke 15hb jan, sudah semestinya semua makhluk yang bernama manusia sedang lena dibuai mimpi. Akiu juga tidak terkecuali. tapi apa yang seronoknya aku telah mimpi satu perkara yang amat menyeronokkan. Membuatkan aku sangat bahagia sampailah sekarang. Padahal ianya cuma mimpi, mainan tidur. Tetapi aku sangat gembira. hahahhahaha....

dah itu je. hik3....

Monday, January 5, 2009

Aku sedih...

sedih yang teramat sangat, membuatkan aku rasa nak delete je dannyocean14 dari blogspot.com