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Friday, January 23, 2009

Festival Filem & Video Pelajar Malaysia ke- 6

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, this in emergency news casting. sit back and relax, as well as you pay attention. Today, our country received a very shocking news whereby the student of UiTM Melaka attacking the University Of Putra Malaysia UPM in short. According to sergeant suzana Sundel Bolong, this attack were lead by the lecturer itself. She add, this student is very well planned. They gather around 4.45 p.m. in front of their co-coordinator room. Surprisingly, the didn't used mask or anything else. "According to our investigation, their motive is to let everybody in this country recognize them well" she add. they also well dress in formal. With a help of local resident, the authority manage to caught few of them, that believes as their side kick of the gang. The test and research are immediately taken after the caught. And the result is, most of the student having a syndrome called cacat-otak-sebab-tunggu-bas-lama-sangat. (lihat gambar dibawah)
waiting for the bus, janji pukul 5.45 pm tapi dah pukul 6 pm pun belum nampak tayar bas.

This gang is actually studying diploma in mass communication and media studies, and most of them were in final year. When they reached at the UPM, the do some formation. It is a trick, so that they can attack together. Not just that, actually they brought their crony with them from all over the place. They have waited in the hall start from 8:05 p.m.. According to the witness, they actually act like a normal person, taking picture like a cam-whore (I don't know how was it spell). When they found a camera or DSLR, they showing their face of Sasha fierce! (tengok muke sater @ hafiz)

we waited alot! like hell, and yes now we waiting for the master of the ceromony = MC
we've been receiving a lots of information, and one of the informer said that, they actually scream like hell and yes you can see their anak tekak terkeluar dari mulut mereka. And our most reliable source said that, when the screaming time, there is one person who actually lead, which is Mr. Danny McCartney. He is the most wanted person in this country. His voice can threat our national security. (tengok Muka beliau!)

Mr. Danny McCartney
Well, not only that. Mr. Danny had an assistant. His Named is Apong Chang Rak Ter from Thailand. Apong Is the best side- kick in the team because of his ability. Until know, no one knows his ability. (macam Biasa, tengok bawah)

Mr. Apong Chang Rak Ter
Before they do the attacking, they had a picture with the winner for the Festival Filem & Video Pelajar Malaysia ke- 6. And some of the winner is their group member. (tengok la kat bawah ni)

The winner! And they celebrate it together
He also dreaming of winning those trophy someday!
As a result of the soal siasat, the authority actually found out that, they all admire Datok JINS SAMSUDIN, and they had the oppurtunity to take picture with him. ( Lihat gambar bawah)
Datok Jins Samsudin
best sangat, yang paling kiri hensem gile: hadi,anuar, hafiz, danny & hazrul
padin yang mega
Well, here is the thing, Padin is also one of the important person on that group, making he one of the top most wanted person (lihat gambar dibawah)
Anuar Poyo & Hadi
Mr. Danny & the winner
One thing for sure, among this group, Padin and Hadi is the most cam-whore ever, and because of that, their mission to attack UPM not going so well, which cause them been caught. (tengok gambar kat bawah ni okay)

cam-whore & menyemak- Padin & Hadi

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