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Thursday, June 25, 2009

You're so bustard...!

Lokasi: Bilik Air
Masa: 9:00 A.M.
Hari: Isnin
Tarikh: 23/06/09

Hari Isnin yang lepas, aku sedang bersiap- siap nak pulang ke kampus kerana aku telah mendapat panggilan untuk menjadi PM. Nak dijadikan cerita, aku sedang mandi. Tanpa disedari mak aku pulang seketika dari pejabat, dan terus masok ke bilik aku untuk mengambil beg- beg aku.

Mak: Adik banyak nye lighter dalam bilik ko ni...
aku: huh??
Mak: YA ALLAH, Ko Isap Rokok erk?
Aku: (dalam hati) Alamak!!!!!

Lokasi: Dalam kereta
Masa: 9:15A.M.
Hari: Isnin
Tarikh: 23/06/09

Mak: Sejak bila, ko isapr rokok ni? Jangan la campur dengan geng- geng budak x elok ni...
Aku: Mana ada... Tue kotak kosong je la.
Mak: Ko jangan nak tipu aku, ada lagi rokok dalam kotak tue tadi aku tengok!
Aku: Alamak!!!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

WTF.... Aku Geram...

Just now, I checked out on myspace update, and I saw one of my acquaintance status mention that how sad he felt right now. This is because, he fail to get a collage resident for next semester. If I'm not mistaken, next semester dye baru part 3. Kesiankan? (Padahal aku xda rasa apa-apa pun, padan muka kau, siapa suruh poyo sangat.... hahahahahahaha.. (evil laughing)

But then, I'm worried about my status as well. Without further delay, I checked my status at our beloved student portal. As a result, I also receiving the same fate sama macam apa yang kawan aku kena. Lebih mengejutkan lagi bila, YDP blok aku sendiri pun xdapat bilik jugak, sedangkan dye masih lagi memegang jawatan YDP tue... Adakah Unit kolej kinda making a joke or something? Pelik aku, serta geram.

What should I do now? I'm definitely sure that I sent my borang rayuan, I've sent my activity card. Sentap weh, aku bukan apa, malas duduk luar sebab menglibatkan cost yang banyak. I'm not coming from golongan yang berADA, golongan ADA- ADA yea... Plus, this is my final semester. How am I going to take care someone yang Faiz suruh jaga tue? I want to spend my time with my level mate for the last time. Banyak okay memori aku kat situ... Menang Bilik tercantik, level tercantik, and macam- macam lagi. Aku x rasa nak tinggalkan ISTANA KAYANGAN ni lagi.

Even aku Komander Kesatria pun x boleh dapat. Benci la... Kawan aku yang MPP pun boleh x dapat bilik? sanagt pelik yea...

P/S: Suggestion anyone?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Taggy Waggy Thinggy.... SUKE!!!!

Kawan- kawan, as you all know, I love being tagged... and I'm love doing it. Cause its fun... So, the other day, I visited my friend blog, nama dye Mya zulkifli gong geng... hahahahaha... She tagged everyone including me I guess.. hahahahaha... so this is the result...

[ONE] have you ever been asked out?
-yes. Mesti la penah.

[TWO] where was your default picture taken?
-Studio Photography.

[THREE] what's your middle name?

[FOUR] your current relationship status?
-im married.

[FIVE] does your crush like you back?
- YEAH! Of course..

[SIX] what is your current mood?

[SEVEN] what color of shirt are you wearing?
-black and white tank top...

[EIGHT] what color socks are u wearing?

[NINE] Missing something?

[TEN] if you could go back in time and change something, what would you do?
-duhh... just go back and change something le... what else?

[ELEVEN] if you must be an animal for a day what would you be?

[TWELVE] ever had a near death experience?
-Ah-ha~ My grandparent & great grandparent.. miss them so much ):

[THIRTEEN] something you do a lot?
-online...[facebook, myspace, blog]

[FOURTEEN] the song stuck in your head?
-The climb by Miley cyrus

[FIFTEEN] who did you copy and paste this from?
-La Verita di Mya Zulkifli gong geng of course.. hahahahaha...

[SIXTEEN] name someone with the same birthday as you?

[SEVENTEEN] when was the last time you cried?
-June 12

[EIGHTEEN] have you ever sung in front of a large audience?
-No way.

[NINETEEN] if you could have one super power what would it be?

[TWENTY] what's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
-physical appearance.

[TWENTY-ONE] what do you usually order from starbucks?
-Caramel Frapp kot...

[TWENTY-TWO] what's your biggest secret?
- i'm a big fan of Jesse McCartney.. hahahahahaha....

[TWENTY-THREE] favorite color?
-Green. Of course

[TWENTY-FOUR] do you still watch kiddie shows or tv shows?
-Absolutely YES!!!

[TWENTY-FIVE] what's on your walls?
-Clock. jam menunjukkan pukul 1.56 p.m.

TWENTY-SIX] what sign are you?

[TWENTY-SEVEN] do you speak any other language?
-Yes, I can even speak chinese nad tamil.. hahahahaha.. (menipoo je danny ni)

[TWENTY-EIGHT] what's your favorite smell?
-Clinique for Men

[TWENTY-NINE] Describe your life in one word.

[THIRTY-ONE] have you ever kissed in the rain?
-Pernah kot..

[THIRTY-TWO] what are you thinking about right now?
-Can't wait to be in campus...

[THIRTY-THREE] what should you be doing?
-take a bath... hehehe...

[THIRTY-FOUR] who was the last person that made you angry?

[THIRTY-FIVE] how often do you talk to God?
-Every moment.

[THIRTY-SIX] are you a texting addict?
-Sometimes. Yes.

[THIRTY-SEVEN] if you could have any last name in the world, what would you want?

[THIRTY-EIGHT] do you act differently around the person you like?
-NO... There is no such thing like DOUBLE STANDARD in my Dictionary....

[THIRTY-NINE] whats your natural hair color?

[FORTY] who was the last person to make you cry?
-Zettai Kareshi.

P/S : Im tagging Everyone who read this entry... Especially those name I mention like:
Aiman Ariffin hahahahaha...
Faiz becker
Aliya naipoks
Fork dabuldahi...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ke-chantique-kan adalah hak milik setiap insan...

Like I said before, we'll never satisfied with what we have. Well, this thing happened to me again. Many of my friend told me that I have the beautiful skin, and I totally admit those compliment and I can say that I'm proud of it. But, I not satisfied with my skin. I want more, more and more. I want to make my skin even beautiful from what I have now. It doesn't mean that I am ungrateful with what I have. Serious shit, I am thankful with all this gift.

Some of you guy would say that "dude, come on, you're man, don't do the girl2 thinggy"... Well let me explain, we created by the most genius Inventor with the most perfect creation. I admit Allah just let us borrowed this body for a short period of time. So, of course I want to take a good care of my body, my skin. If, you let someone borrow your stuff, of course and definitely you want them to take care of your stuff right?

Moreover, I am not changing any of this creation, I just want to protect and keep this gift in a good care. Macam mana aku pinjam, macam tue jugaklah aku pulangkan balik.

So, I want to ask you guys a favor, do you have any tips or advise to make your skin beautiful. How do you people take a good care of your skin? Please share your knowledge with me, you'll lose nothing. I don't mind spend some money to make my skin beautiful. I'm willing to do anything just to make my skin beautiful. Even cara paling susah pun aku sanggup buat. Please help me people.

P/S: aku tak mampu nak beli or kumpul natural scrubs untuk dilumurkan ke seluruh badan. Hahahahaha.... So tolong la tinggal kan tips... please3...!!!!

P/S 2: Kulit aku dah gelap... and nampak tak bermaya dah....

Friday, June 12, 2009


I always felt like "that was the stupidest decision you ever made", "what the hell is wrong with you", "dude its too late" and when I realized that, there is no room for me to fix the situation. It always happened to me, and I don't like it when it’s happen. Trust me no one like those thing... People I'm talking about appreciation.

I just received one bad news from one of my bestfriend, Wancha's father died, and rest in peace in Kelantan. She's one of my classmates. Semoga roh arwah bapanya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan dalam golongan orang- orang yang beriman, Al- fatihah...

I always eager to have a perfect family, without been realized that I should be thankful that I still have both mother and father, although they were not perfect, but still, they love me, eventhough they not showing their love to me. I guess I'm very lucky to have them, compared to my friend who just lost or already lost their father and mother. I completely understand how the feel to be lost, because I also had an experienced lost someone that I love. Way back then, I always thinking, "I should treat them better" or "why I can't be nice to them"... I guess this is the fact that people always regret after something not very nice happened to us and people sometimes not think twice in making a decision.

Again, I'm talking about the appreciation here. I never show appreciation to my parent, and I think I'm the most ungrateful son. I always disobey their order. Many of my friend can get whatever they wants, just asked their parent and they will get it.

Me: Mak, adik nak beg tue boleh tak?
Mak: Beg yang lama kan ada lagi? boleh pakai lagi kan?
Me: Tapi mak, adik tengok kawan adik beli beg baru mak.... cantik...
Mak: Sabar la dik, nanti mak ada duit mak belikan utk kamu..
Me: Ala... Mak ni...
Mak: Mak mintak maaf dik, Mak tak mampu nak belikan kamu beg baru...

Those memories flashed back in my mind, I still remember after I said "Ala... Mak ni..." I can see tears in her eyes. Korang tau tak, kalau kita buat mak kita menangis, walaupun hanya la setitik air mata, dosanya sama dengan sebesar lautan didunia ni? I can imagine how sinful I am; because I still remember I make her cried so many times.

My dad, I don't know how many time I broke his heart into pieces. I always quarrel with him, and I always cause him into troubles. Well I believe, as a human being, we will never satisfy with what we have. Always want more than what we can effort, and I guess this is the fact.I don't know why I write all these, and I don't even know whether it is right or wrong telling all of these in this blog. Actually there is lot more story that I want to share, but I can't stop my tears from falling down. Thats make me stop sharing my story.

P/S: Mak, Abah adik sayang sangat kat mak n abah.

P/S 2: sekali lagi aku ucapkan takziah untuk keluarga wancha diatas pemergian bapa beliau ke Rahmatullah. Semoga roh nye dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan dalam golongan orunk2 yang beriman. Al-fatihah....

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I need Help!!!

My life as a student always block me from doing my routine daily life like listening to radio and watching tv... Well you know, maybe I can doing this activities using internet, but as a student we all busy with assignment, quiz, test and exam... I bet all of you knew more than I do. Sometime I also too occupied surfing the internet until I not even remember how to turn on the radio and tv. Hahahahahahahaha...

Lately, I'm tune in my radio into 103.7... Yes, I'm listening Era; Rentak Musik Terkini (katanya...). I've heard this one segment called Jelajah 11 Era 2009. They going to Taiping on 13th June. Well, I'm not actually excited because I'm not a big fan of Era... Plus, I'm not really into Era, because most of the deejay replaced with the new one. So, no more "Otaimer" in this radio station.

But, I've heard they doing an audition searching for a new Deejay, and suddenly I'm interested to participate the audition. Well, to those who know me, as you all know, I've always had this nervous thinggy. I'm maybe looks okay, but inside me? Who knows? The shaking, I can feel how my blood run so fucking fast, my face turn red, my mind can't even think well. Even if I practice so many times, this shit always happen...

Well, I'm eager to get a job in the media line. I have my own reason why I want the job badly. Faiz, Pony, Becker or Dickie... Please help me. Because you one of the judges when our faculty held an audition searching a presenter. You give me advice, a very useful advise. Please advice me one more time. What should I do? I'm totally blur, like I know nothing. Rick, you've been work with Abg Nas rambot kertak right? Maybe you also have some useful advice for me? You worked with them, you've seen how they worked right?

I wonder how can I attract the judges during the audition? Well, of course I need a fresh idea yet still in the line. I've been thinking about all this:
1. How long do I have to talk?
2. What am I suppose to talk about?
3. What kind of fresh idea should I use?
4. What should I wear during the audition?
5. What should I bring during the audition?
6. What happen if I suddenly can't talk? What should I do?

Sebelum ni, aku pernah masuk ujibakat kat TV3, during that, Team Remaja looking for a new TV presenter since Aidid Marcello can't be categorize as a teenager anymore cause he just married that time, and I was very lucky that time because I was shortlisted as one of their finalist (takie, ko ingat x kita ada jumpa Amer masa kat AJL hari tue? haaa.. Masa ni la aku kenal Amer... Faiz n Rick- Amer ni senior kita yea... Dye ada datang masa induction kiteorunk). But, for a reason that I don't even so sure, I was eliminated. Sedih okay... Cuba bayangkan, every week aku ulang alik dari Ipoh ke TV3...

So, this time I wanna try my best. Sebab kalau nak ikutkan prinsip aku, belum cuba, belum tahu. Tapi masalahnya aku takut. What will happen if I'm trying to make the crowd scream, but at the end, they just do nothing... arrgghhh.. Malu aku weh...

Perkahwinan Kawanku yang Hambar...

Date: 5- 6/06/09
Location: Masjid Ipoh, Dewan Dato' Ahmad Said, Gunung Lang

Hari Jumaat yang lepas dan semalam, aku pergilah ke Perkahwinan kawan aku masa kerja dulu, luckily we still contact each other... So, I went there as their wedding photographer... Well, I've to admit that this kind of freelancing job is tiring but it is way much fun than other job that I've been doing before..

Plus, with no experiences, and a very first-time-marriage acting, make my job more difficult than I thought. But, I'm kinda satisfied with my work... Although it is not looks great like any other professionals freelancer, but I'm proud of it because it is all my hard work... Even penat semalam pon tak habis lagi okay...

Well, bila korunk tgk sendiri tajuk entry aku, korunk mesti tanya apa yang hambar nye? Meh sini aku nak cerita... To Nana, ko jangan amik hati okay.. aku xda niat pon nak memburuk-burukkan perkahwinan ko.

This is maybe the most Saddest wedding yang pernah aku datang.. Mana tak nye? First of all, Budget dye just about RM8k. (So, if you guys in my place would you charge your service like always?) Okay la, RM8k tue boleh dimaafkan lagi. Dyerunk buat dekat dewan okay... And the hall looks very pathetic.. Sawang penuh kat atas bumbung.. Dah la xda pelamin.. kesian aku tengok kawan aku sorunk ni... Yang buat aku lagi geram tue, Bila aku naik atas pentas untuk snap gambar, aku dah terpijak tahi apa tah... nasib baik x kene seluar aku okay.. I was lucky sebab x pakai seluar SODA yang aku baru beli sebab ada discount 70%... 70% okay discount.. Mana nak dapat? (eh, lari topic plak)...

Then, this wedding sangat la sunyi kerana tiada alunan musik yang boleh dimainkan... Hambar je aku tengok.. Tetamu yang datang pun bukanlah yang bermulut riuh macam aku.. More, Make up pengantin pon hauk, aku rasa kalau aku yang meke up kan mereka pon cantik lagi.. hahahaha... Even worst, dyerunk punya hantaran, sangat sedih okay.. Even if you come out with RM8K budget, make your hantaran more expensive la.. Ni x, macam nak main2 je aku tengok dyerunk kahwin...

The most pathetic scene that I ever saw was their pengapit, Pengapit dyerunk boleh jalan- jalan kesana kemari okay... Menjalang sana sini... And the food, Supposed to be their food looks special than the guest food, memang food dyerunk memang lain pon, food presentation was good, but not good when the guest take the food from the pengantin punya meja... ahhh.. tak tahu malu betul, kala yea pon nak amik makanan tue, tunggu la bile pengantin tue dah habis makan or move out from the table...

When I was too occupied taking photo, suddenly, the couple pon datang, so, I was shocked and not fully prepared to take their picture, so the result, masa pengantin sampai, gambar mereka pon sikit la, and banyak xjadi, sebab i wasn't notice they coming.. xda paluan kompang pon...

Nana told me a week earlier, if she told earlier than that, maybe I can help, well we're friend, so of course im willing to help her without put any price. Plus, she will be married once in a life time. Kawan- kawan kiteorunk banyak je yang boleh tolong, Pondan- pondan kat tempat kiteorunk kerja tue pon cakap benda yang sama, they can help if she told us earlier.. We know her almost four years, so, we don't mind to scarifies energy, our time our money to make sure she will be happy during her wedding.

Well, at first, this couple is very hard to cooperate, because they malu- malu nak posing depan camera, but then after that, they felt very comfortable with the lens, and that makes the photo come alive... hahahaha... I cant believe Im doing this until now.. And I dont know why...

P/S: gambar2 ni still fresh okay, baru transfer dari kamera.. belom edit lagi.. xda idean nak edit mcm mana... and im looking forward in comment or critics about my picture.. tak kisah la sama ada, dari segi angle ker? composition ke, colour ker posing ker?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Untung Dikejar, Rugi yang Dapat...

Sejak kebelakangan ni, aku memang suka jawab quiz yang ada kat facebook. Seriously, jawab soalan-soalan bodoh tue memang menarik. Jawapan- jawapan yang aku dapat tak payah cerita la.. Lagi la boleh buat aku ketawa terbahak- bahak. Memang sangat bodoh okay jawapan yang aku dapat. Tapi baru- baru ni, kawan aku ada bagi aku satu URL ni, dan quiz dia sangat simple, tapi jawapan dia sangat seronok okay.. First time aku jawab quiz ni , and rasakan ni la quiz yang paling menarik pernah aku jawab (selain IQ test la)

Mengantok la pulak, malas nak tulis jawapan yang aku dapat masa aku jawab quiz tue, apa kata korunk tgk sendiri jawapan aku tue kat sini.

P/S: kalau korunk nak tau jawapan aku, korunk pon kene jawab jugak soalan tue, then kita boleh compared kan jawapan masing- masing. Good luck..!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

K.A.R.M.A. ----> ..............

Well aku tak mahu cerita fasal definisi K.A.R.M.A. kat sini... Tapi kalau korunk nak tahu lebih detail fasal K.A.R.M.A. silalah klik sini...

Kali ni aku nak nak kongsi pendapat mengenai K.A.R.M.A dengan korunk semua. Terpulanglah kat semua nak percaya atau tidak, even aku sendiri pun tak pasti samada kepercayaan ni boleh menyebabkan kita jadi munafik atau pun tidak. Menyebabkan Syirik atau pun tak. But frankly speaking, aku sendiri percaya akan benda ni, dan aku juga percaya ramai orunk pun percaya tentang benda ni... Sebab semua orunk ada cerita masing- masing yang mengisahkan fasal K.A.R.M.A..

Lately, banyak benda yang berlaku pada aku, terasa macam terkena pada batang hidung sendiri. I'm not going to tell you guys the whole story, because my blog is not a Open-Dairy... (bak kata si Aliya Naipok). Sebelum ni, aku selalu tipu dekat seseorunk and kawan-kawan aku, and lately aku punya giliran sudah sampai; its mean aku pula yang kena tipu. Kalau nak tahu, once you done something, God pay you even more, kalau dulu aku tipu sikit- sikit je untuk kepentingan aku, tapi Allah balas dengan lebih banyak dari itu.... Buta- buta je aku kena tipu, Sedihkan bila kena tipu? tapi bila fikir- fikir balik? Siapa yang kita tipu tue? Apa perasaan dia bila dapat tahu kita tipu dia? Tuhan itu MAHA ADIL, so jawapan yang sesuai dengan mulut yang LAHA macam aku ni: PADAN MUKA KO and now YOU GOT SERVED!

Lagi cerita mengenai K.A.R.M.A... Lets say, ko pergi makan dekat kafe, mesti ko akan terjumpa dengan seseorunk yang ko sangat VENCI and tak suka... Korunk mesti rasa...
1. Hek eleh, mamat/minah ni ada kat sini? Menyemak je la...
2. Bencinye aku tengok muka dia tue, budget bagus...
3. Mesti dia tue nak tunjuk bagus... Nak tarik perhatian orunk la tue...

Aku verani jamin, orunk yang kita tak suka and VENCI gila tue pun mesti rasa benda yang sama, kalau tak percaya, cubalah beranikan diri dan tanya apa yang mereka rasa bila jumpa dengan kita? Looks how they respond towards you? Sebab aku pernah cakap kat roomate aku (Suhail Abdul Halim), yang aku sangat takut bila terserempak dengan Nigger, sebab perception aku terhadap mereka sangatlah teruk. Sebab aku ada terdengar berita yang mengatakan kebanyakan Nigger yang datang ke Malaysia, dah mula berani nak "pow" rakyat Malaysia, so aku takut the same thing happen to me.

aku: suhail...
aku: aku takot la tengok MUGABE2 (Nigger) tue...
Suhail: kenapa?
aku: Sebab dyerunk suka "pow2" orunk...
suhail: cuba ko tanya dyerunk? dye takot tak tengok kite?
aku: kenapa?
suhail: Ni negara kita, so, dyerunk pon takot juga kalau2 kena "pow" dengan rakyat Malaysia..

Kadang- kadang, aku sangat benci melihat warga Indonesia yang bergelimpangan kat Malaysia ni. Kerna apa? Sebab, mereka, datang sini dan menyemak je... Dah la bergelimpangan, bawa pula budaya mereka datang sini. Aku paling geli, dan rasa macam nak pukul je bila tengok rakyat Indonesia(lelaki) yang datang sini dengan rambut panjang, kuku panjang, pakai subang kiri kanan, seluar besar kat bawah.. Dan yang perempuan pula, baju over ni, seluar ketat & pendek, nampak lurah, macam- macam lagi la... Tapi aku tak pernah pun terfikir, apa yang mereka fikirkan bila nampak aku dan rakyat Malaysia yang lain? Adakah seperti berikut?

1. Malasnya Rakyat Malaysia, dah punya negara yang aman makmur, tapi tak mahu bangunkan negara sendiri? Patutnya usir saja mereka, sebab negara ni kami yang bangunkan?
2. Sakitnya mata aku tengok rakyat Malaysia ni... tak reti berfesyen ke?
3. Aku sendiri x dapat fikir apa yang mereka fikir, sebab aku bukan rakyat Indonesia...

K.A.R.M.A.... whatever term used to desribe this situation, I believed, what goes around, comes around bak kata Justin Timberlake... Dan bak kata Alicia Keys, what goes up must go down... Macam artis kita kat Malaysia ni la.. Kalau artis tue cepat je naik, cepat la dye turun.. Lambat nama mereka naik, lambat jugalah nama merka nak turun.. Sebab tue kita kadang- kadang ada dengar orunk cakap, ada kalanya kita diatas, dan ada kalanya kita dibawah... Semua yang aku ceritakan tadi tue adalah contoh-contoh K.A.R.M.A...

Ada satu lagi contoh yang paling senang nak menggambarkan mengenai K.A.R.M.A., sebelum ni aku selalu lawat blog goateeitujanggut dan berikan komen-komen yang menghanjeng si pemilik blog tue, sehinggakan aku dapat award disebabkan komen- komen tue, but lately, aku just being a silent reader, so in return, dye pon tak jenguk la ke blog aku, dan tak ada la komen- komen dari dye. hahahaha....

Apa pun yang kita buat, mesti dapat balasannya, itulah yang aku rasakan mengenai K.A.R.M.A. Samada cepat atau lambat, balasan itu tetap ada... Mungkin ada pembaca yang terbaca blog aku ni (kalau ada la..) akan terfikir... "Ai.. Danny ni dah insaf ke? Tulis- tulis benda2 yang macam ni...??" But sooner or later, korunk pun akan terasa macam apa yang aku rasa sekarang ni.. (aku pun tak tahu kenapa aku tulis benda-benda macam ni?)

P/S: Kali ni aku malas nak tulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris... Terasa macam FAKE sanagt guna B.I. hahahaha.. mungkinkah ini K.A.R.M.A.??

The result!!

Well entry kali ni bukan la nak citer pasal result akan kuar bile.. Tapi ni la hakikat nye bile aku selalu sangat on myspace and facebook dulu sebelum aku on blog.. Aku akan jadi ketagih gila vavi sampai aku penat and tak ada mood nak blogging... Aku baru je tadi bercadang nak update blog, tapi pas baca blog goateeitujanggut (even nama aku x tertera dalam blog ko, aku still baca okay.. i'll prefer being a silent reader... ko still nak tarik balik award ka? hahahaha...), tetibe je aku pergi bukak myspace and facebook aku, terus x jadi hupdate vlog...!!!