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Friday, October 17, 2008

Trying the very best to impressed...

One may wish to be the best.. be the best to impress..
impressive may sound as nice as the word means,
But deep down what do we get in return?
One may like, one may not..
We are the one who suffers the pain of being rejected.. being turn down..
Gosh.. the pain is hard to handle..
not many will say in front of us what they really think by what we are trying to convey in the sense of being the best..
Competition in struggling to be the best among the best is one hard task..
I may not succeed here in being impressive to everyone..
atleast deep down of me i'm happy of what i am.. and who i am..
wah.. penuh makne nie...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

SIRI 3- the journey to the north....


hrmmmmmm, betul2 menguji kesabaran dan keimanan aku dan rakan2 dalam mengerjakan ibadah puasa. Because of we're too angry, we tried to focus on the other thing as we don't want to think about the smell. We chat, and laugh, and suddenly.......

We saw something that really attracted our eye. And you guys really don't want to know what am I going to wrote after this. 

Me: "Dear God, why would you create something  that can gives us eyesore?" (should I wrote this?)

MyHeart: "Dear me, God does not create something can hurt your eyes! Its human mistake! Always remember, Tuhan itu Maha ADIL, Maha AGUNG, Maha KAYA and everything was HIM.  Manusia itu sendiri yang tidak tahu bersyukur kepadaNYA. Semua yang kurang datangnya dari kita, semua yang elok datangnya dari DIA.

As my friend post a new entry: Pondan Bisu- Saturday, September 27, 2008 in http://goateeitujanggut.blogspot.com/, I bet all of you know what am I going to tell you next! Yes, we met A.D.I.K.2.* who can't speak at all A.K.A. dumb!

"before i start babbling, let me get it clear that this entry does not in any way meant to mengutuk or merendah-rendahkan orang kurang upaya. simple as that."
So do I. It just to express my thought and expression plus, this is my fucking blog, so bare with it!

Jauh dilubuk hati kecilku, timbul satu persoalan, "What the hell on earth is going on right here?" Ada dua orang bisu disitu and worst come to worst, they both sissy! (CC) I don't judged people and gives speculation  just like that. Anyhow, am not stupid. 20 years (coming soon- 1st december okay, dont miss!) I've been see the world, my mom thought me well on how to differentiate a man or woman. Okay then, you'll judge. these are the charateristic on both of the CC: 
  1. They both are too confident to do the "catwalk" in the middle of the train station.
  2. Extremely confident to wore not-suitable-for-men accessories such as topi yang fenari2 kat BB or LaQueen yang dah surely transform tue pakai.
  3. As we know, people who disable to talk used sign language. Try to imagine, you had to used the sign language with the fingers terlentik2( kalau fondan minum air pakai gelas, jari kelingking dia akan naik dulu)
  4. Semua lelaki yang lalu, mereka akan pandang dari atas sampai ke tengah (pause jab 2min) then terus ke bawah, budak hitam* pun jadi.
*pakai baju sekolah pula tu. YIKES!
A.D.I.K.2.* = fondan la.....

So, is that a clear picture? Or you guys need more? But I think thats enough. Continue with the journey.

Dengan hati yang gembira, kami beramai2 bersama dengan penduduk tempatan menunggu keretapi yang seterusnya untuk sampai ke destinasi kami- Sri Petaling(betul kan Faiz?). Betul la cakap cikgu aku, Penantian itu satu Penyeksaan. Penantian demi penantian, saat demi saat, jam demi jam kami menunggu, hampeh betul train ni. Dalam penantian itu, kami sempat melihat gelagat dua orang CC tu, berjalan, berlari ala2 filem hindustan, dan kami sempat juga bergossip dan membuat lawak akan budak hitam. Geram pula aku, dalam kiraan 7:1 baru la train yang dinanti2kan semua tiba ditempat kami. Semua orang bersiap- sedia dengan "senjata", "peralatan", dan diri masing2 untuk menyerang train ini, begitu juga dengan kami.

As the train arrived.....

"Attack!!!!" we all yell! (it was me actually). Everyone ran and push themself to entered the train. As we have our own door to get in, we wait till the door opened for a few second but then, hanjing vetul (again as Faiz said), the door didn't opened as usual. We have to use the next door, were as we've to fight to get in. Finally we entered safely, and it was funny when we figure out that the door temporarily break down, and we laugh like hell (so do the CC, hahahahaha- yea ker?). The next stop, Padin tease the next passenger with his funny face. And again, we laugh like hell, as we saw the passenger mad at the door and Padin at the same time. hahahaha... 

Although, we laugh all the way long, I still sad, as I can't break the fast in the moment AZAN called plus, I still don't have the chance to breaking fast with my family. Damm, that was pathetic. I was about tu cried, but control myself as I don't to be apart with the CC. We finally arrived at the station Masjid Jamek. We ran, to find food as we still fasting. I really hope that time, I still can breaking the fast with HAzrul for the last time. But unfortunately, they can't cause their bus to Penang is 8 o'clock, so they was in the run plus, all the KFC and McD was full with Homo- Sapiens. We hugged and split up. Thats really bad, cause I always with them.

to be continue....

p/s: the story almost done. wait for the next release. thank you. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SIRI 2- The Journey To The North....

The Journey Begins...

Sambil nyanyi lagu pok- pok bujang lapuk, kami dengan gumbiranya membawa beg- beg yang besar gedabak tu ke destinasi seterusnya- bus stop. To make this post looks longer (nak dijadikan cerita la..), we've to go through the first obstacle, The Most Noble Castle in The Universe TMNCTU- Istana Memuni-  karamatang- teremengki- kedebuk- makjun- semunaponadadalamnie-vivalavista- memangsesuaiponkenemaki- fuckguard- alfonso-makcikkerepek- almunawarah (fanjang Vetul nama istana tue- this castle was the place where all the student scared the most!). From far- fart away, we can see the the most beautiful creature on earth with the nice blue uniform with "the usual faces like hell" standing infront of TMNCTU. Our feeling kept saying something might goes wrong, so be prepared! All of us, take out our matric card and wear it (sahsiah-lupa-diri uols). We pretending like nothing happened, and we pretending like all of us not commit any wrongdoings, any tried to passed the TMNCTU. But unfortunately, we're called by the fcuk-guard! Dah nak kena masuk TMNCTU mengadap mak hayyam kat dalam tue. Rupa- rupanya ada spot-checked, nak cari kamera, handphone, laptop, duit hilang. Cit, all these nonsense make my blood go up stairs and my heart stopped at the same time (hanjing vetul, bak kata faiz). After the first obstacles, we're allowed to cross the gate that dissociated us from the world outside.  

Wait for the bus, wait for the bus, wait for the bus, lalalalalala... three of us, dengan G.I.G.I.H. nya menunggu bas MARA LINER tue. hrmmmm.. Bukan main lama lagi bas nie nak sampai, noya plak aku. With the very sunshine day, the temperature extremely hot and the bus took so long to arrived really test my patient [dah la iman aku ni senipis kulit bawang, kang ada yang ter- buka puasa plak (musafir tak pe en,en,en?)]. Then our friend came with his motorbike to the bus stop to give a farewell kisses( xdala betul2 cium, u know how GB and fondan2 greet and say goodbye to each other)- ASWADARISTA (bukan nama sebenar)

-aswad the photographer-

G.I.G.I.H. tunggu bas

From far, I saw someone familiar. Hah! That its. Mylovely sisterhood in UiTM- Beckerina lavita
F.A.I.Z. H.E.B.A.T.
 (Bukan nama sebenar), smiling at me. Oh man, long time no see. sHE carried few bag with him. Haaa.. Sah la nak balik ni. sibuk je, orang balik awal, dia pun nak balik awal. Anyhow, I'm glad to see him. I'm wonder if he was alone, techniquely he was alone but, he was not. P.A.D.I.N. will join him later (Chur agaknya, kata si Becker). We had a little conversation, i asked him, he asked me, yada, yada, yada... A moment after that, we saw one charming mama devil, Chendolina margarita

P.A.D.I.N. cool

 (Bukan nama sebenar). Finally he managed to get here before the bus arrived as Becker worried so much cause the ticket was with Chendol. 

Bus arrived. Me, Hazrul, and Shirin said GoodBye to Aswad. Masuk dalam bas, bye2 kat aswad, dan bas pun berjalan. Singgah seketika di Alor Gajah untuk ambil penumpang. Masa naik bas tadi, adalah dua orang mamat depan tempat duduk kami, agak kendu la seorang ni, serorang je okay. Hazrul dah feeling2 jab. Okay that its Hazrul, noya plak aku. Dalam perjalanan ke Kuala Lumpur, kami pun berbual la, nak hilangkan fenat + busan. Dan akhirnya kami pun tertidur kerana tidak dapat menahan mata yang sangat mengantuk. Bila terjaga dari tidur, teringin pula aku melihat apa yang berlaku disekeliling bas ni. Toleh2, mataku terKESIMA melihat dua orang begitu C.H.A.N.T.I.Q.U.E J.E.L.I.T.A. sedang nyenyak tidur. sambil pakai shade mahal, salah seorang dari mereka berdua mulotnya ternganga + terkangkang pula, macam tak pernah tidur 78649364865643876 hari, seorang lagi ayu sangat tidur pun memakai shade (silau kot).  dua kali fandang baru aku perasan yang rupa2nya mereka adalah kawanku, becker & Chendol. Huh, agak kurang sopan cara tidurnya. Malu aku (Aku ada gambar korang tau, tp xnak post, memalukan).

Finally we arrived at Bukit Jalil, and we picked up the luggage. I want to see becker & Chendol for the last time. So, we hugged each other and say goodbye. We walked accross the street to go to the nearest train station. Along the way, we're so happy, I don't know why. we bought the ticket, and wait for the train (dalam hati berharap sangat jangan la train rosak or accident or something). AND once again, am meet The- Charm- Two, becker & Chendol. While waiting for the train, sembang la dulu macam biasa, lots of jokes and laugh. Kemudian, dalam tengah menahan lapar dan dahaga jua nafsu, datang la three *budak hitam. Sabar jela. 

Dah la baru sampai, potong barisan, muka laha, gelapnya macam taik minyak yang ada dekat bontot kuali tue (segelap2nya, gelap la masa depan kalau ramai budak hitam macam mereka datang Malaysia), + pula dengan bau Minyak kelapa Vsawit tue. hrmmmmmm, betul2 menguji kesabaran dan keimanan aku dan rakan2 dalam mengerjakan ibadah puasa. Because of we're too angry, we tried to focus on the other thing as we don't want to think about the smell. We chat, and laugh, and suddenly.......

*budak hitam- warga Bangladesh

p/s: G.I.G.I.H. juga nak publish post baru until now without fail as the internet connection always failed me!