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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Beautiful Mind........

Someone may think he is in a right situation. But how others? How they think about what we've think? We may win in order to defence the thought in A BEAUTIFUL MIND... But we may lose at the same time..
We can't force the other side to believe on what we stand with. They also have their own theory. They also wanted to defence their thought. But until when this problem can be fixed? Isn't its a good idea if all of us discuss together in a table, express the provoking thought in A BEAUTIFUL MIND?
Violance, riot, chaos, its all not our culture. Everyone need their point of view to be heard. They want their opinion to be an attention. people willing to do anything to get their self in public interest. With that, we can see how this BEAUTIFUL MIND producing thought that can make an ultra ugly situation which is out of our control.
Today, I see how an uncapable person been thru their life... Uuuhhhh.. Gross..!! Its very bad. But with their BEAUTIFUL MIND, they manage to make their life as happy as normal person like us. My ear euphoniusly to listen them happy.
In a box of thought, consist A BEAUTIFUL MIND. We can see different colour in different person. And its shape life. Although everybody knew about that, but how many of us realize?
A BEAUTIFUL MIND, produce beautiful attitude, born from a beautiful thought. When we see it bonded together, then it create a beautiful situation. But now, most of the innocent one, who own the beautiful mind has been polluted with ink of envy,revenge, greedy, etc.
But, deep down inside the beautiful heart that has been polluted, there is still have a light that want to change what is not good. Until then, time will judge the situation.
In the mean time, a tiny little negative element whispering to the heart to influent the BEAUTIFUL MIND as they will cause insecure feeling which cause chaos, what a bad, smooth trick, silly action, sharp disaster.