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Sunday, January 25, 2009

We're Homeless = AJL ke- 23

Alright, let me tell you guys one thing. In my class, there is one super duper mega mak ayam. We called her Shirin Aziha Shahidan, you know why? This all happened because of she is too interested in PR subject, so she actually do the practical in a real world. And we really doesn't care if she get A for the subject. She to superb of doing PR and the result is, lately, we get the ticket for AJL ke- 23 Iluminasi musik. One thing you guys should know, the whole of class F got a chance to go to the Stadium Putra(SP), Bukit Jalil to watch the AJL. Yes, we had the opportunity to watch during the rehearsal and the actual day as well.
on the way ke SP
The story begins when the time pointing at 4:30 p.m. At that time ZAmir was voted to be the head for the journey, and hell yes, the whole class convoy driving cars. So, sharp at 5 o'clock in the evening off we went from the campus to Stadium Putra. Owh my, I missed one part. Our mak ayam already go because one of our class mate sangat la mengada- ngada. You know why? Let me explain you in detail. His name is You-Know-Who, and the whole class called him REMPIT. He become such a mengada-ngada person when he need to cuts his hair. I tell you people, he won't cut his hair anywhere else except in REMBAU only! That really ridiculous. So, we arranged a place with our mak ayam, so that we can meet and move to SP together, and yes we decided to meet all of us at RNR Nilai.

all of us had a fun
When the clock pointing directly at 7.45p.m. we arrived at the parking. Everybody rushing, takut kalau- kalau tak boleh masuk sebab lambat. But Finally, we did. JUst few of us can entered the hall because of we bring our DSLR, so nak tak nak, kena la simpan dalam kereta. Baru la dapat masuk.
We seat at the front line. Tak da lah depan sangat, but its better. We scream and we enjoy like always, thats the best part of it. But before that, kinda alots of things happen to us, like kami tak boleh masuk sebab bawa kamera, Shirin kena tahan, sebab bawa makanan.
Well the story is like this, as a PR practitioner, all of us collect rm1 each to buy a cupcake for the producer of AJL, as a thank you because giving us 50 tickets (that alot man!). Shirin dengan rasa terhutang budinya nak membalas jasa producer tu, dia pun bawa la cupcake, tetapi kena tahan plak.
Guard: Sorry, No outside meals allowed! (dalam hati : owh food! am starving)
Shirin: Owh, sorry, this is not for us, this is for the producer, Kak Kelly (betui ka orang nya shirin?) (dalam hati: biaq pi la aku nak bawak apa pun!)
Guard: Wait here! (Looking at the cupcake)(dalam hati: why don't you guys just give it to us?)
Few second later, another guard,
Guard 2: Yes? What can I help you guys? (dalam hati: apa plak ni?)
Shirin: (muka geram + sekupang 5 duit) We bought this for Kak Kelly, the producer!(dalam hati: bongek, awat susah sangat ampa semua nak lepaih kan aku ni?)
Guard 2: Owh, okay. You can send it to her by your own. (dalam hati: cis, melepas plak)
end of the story
on the way back, right after the rehearsal
But, i thing i didn't tell you guys the next part right? After the rehearsal, we decided to do our own after-party. So, off we went to the Nasi Lemak Kg. Baru. Yeay!!!! kitaorang pergi makan-makan sampai lebam. Hahahahaha... Best betul. Serious best. After makan we have to split up, some of us have to go back to campus, and some of us going back to thier own house. But how about me? Hehehehe... This is where the true story start.

the actual day, before entering the hall

Let me do the details. During that time,

  • two cars
  • five person
  • full tank of petrol

At first, we sent our friend at Taman Melawati. Okay, dah hantar dah, habis cerita, sepatutnya, kami lepak dekat rumah kawan Hazrul. Tapi sebab kawan dia pun terlibat secara langsung dengan AJL, jadi kawan dia belum balik lagi kerana ada post- mortem. So, we decide to lepak lagi. Shirin calling everyone she knows just to hangout with us. And, we got respond, they want us to go to SS15. Yayy! Like, hell ya, jauh kot! Tapi tak pe lah, kami pun pergi. Alih- alih, kawan shirin tak boleh datang sebab mak dia tak kasi keluar. SHIT! Kami pun lepak lah sesama kami. sampai pukul 4.30 pagi. Kawan hazrul terus diam membisu.

you know whos the winner- MUH

Because of we all have car and petrol, we decided to jalan- jalan. Dan kami lalu satu tol.

Shirin: Abg, waktu2 macam ni, mana tempat yang best huh?

abg tol: waktu macam ni mana ada tempat best? balik rumah tidur la.

Shirin pun jalan, aku pun ikutlah dia dari belakang. And suddenly, Shirin stop! I go next to her car, and I can see she laughing like hell.

Aku: What happened?

Hazrul: Danny, Kita dah xda rumah.. hahahahahaha..

Aku: hahahahahahaha.. And why is that happened?

Hazrul: kawan kami gaduh dengan housemate dia, so dia pon dah lari dari rumah. hahahaha..

All the way we laughing. Laughing that we're HOMELESS. hahahahahaha... Although it is sad news, but its funny. hahahahaha..

the stage- what to you guys think? we all in the 4th floor

Kami pun sampai la di Dataran Merdeka, dengan semua orang mata dah lebam. We decided to check in at the nearest and the cheapest place. Cari punya cari, akhirnya kami jumpa juga, dekat sejam la kami cari. We check in at Hollywood hotel, at the price of rm50. So, 5 5 orang masuk, dengan shirin2 sekali masuk. Room just had a bed, air-cond, mini tv and that it. No space for you to walk inside.

we had fun, seriously

We check out at 12 o'clock. Nasib baik la sempat mandi kat hotel tue. Our main concern after checking out, is food! So our next destination is CM. Kami pun dengan senang hati jalan kaki pergi CM. Dan dengan senang hati kami pergi makan dekat food court. Tetapi lepas tue, kami tak senang hati sebab duit dah kurang. Then, all of us wildly try to find ATM mechine. And we finally found the place. With full of confident, we walked heading to the ATM. But suddenly ada plak seorang maknyah ni lalu. spoil betul la.

Mak nyah: Haha.. Gayboy!

Kami: sentap!

Memang la x sedar diri punya pondan laha. TUA, Keji, MUka berkedut! Bersusuh bagai (berjanggut), DRAG. tetek londeh. BUSUK!

Dalam hati kami sabar jela. Nasib baik bukan tempat kami, kalau tidak, memang nahas aku kerjakan. Kami pun blah dengan kadar yang segera. Jalan- jalan, then right after 4 o'clock, we heading to SP. Then kat situ kami tunggu kawan2 kami.

The End

they had fun, of course

and he had fun too, definitely

don't know what to say! takie, you're the best!

P/S: actually there is alot thing happened. But I can't tell everything. Nanti you guys get boring.

15 tenggelam:

Aliya Azmi said...

haha, dgn shirin2 skali masuk. WOWW. abis tidur macam mana?

dah la homeless! LOL

DaNnY oCeaN said...

tidur la ramai2..
tapi takut jugak wow...
takut nanti kena ambush..

terpaksa tidur himpit2...
and shirin tidur kat tepi sekali la.

Rikhman said...

yea i heard amin cite..
best nye..

DaNnY oCeaN said...

best memang best,
tapi bila fikir2 kan balik
we've done crazy!

DicKiE aDaMs said...

bestnyer tgk korg gi..
aku gak dok kat bwh blok tgk tv je..

xde sorg nak ajak aku..
even my bestfren..


DaNnY oCeaN said...

owh... faiz....
don't said that.
i've tried my best to get a ticket
for you.
tapi memang dah xda tiket lebih.
am sorry faiz..
so so sorry..

Aliya Azmi said...

aku bersyukur sbb aku boleh tergolek kat rumah dan tgk tv. agak2 lagu bosan, aku pejam mata sat.


aku risau la kalau aku gi AJL tu, i mean, the crowd. I always avoid crowd.

Dah lupa ho to be one of the ppl in the crowd.

Hamz said...

I think it was great to have friends I mean lot of friend who actually can go for something rather that who can show U something but never ask or please anything rite..??? btw...U guys are great!!

DaNnY oCeaN said...

sound of frustration huh hamz?

fr3akisme said...

mcm besh jer... ermmm...

e-zul Iswhat said...


dah la lepas tido ble plak layan program deko rtm yg bodo tu.

word of that day,.


e-zul Iswhat said...


trtypo plak.

DaNnY oCeaN said...

haah kan izzul...
bodo btl citer tue..

bley plak nyanyi2 mase nak deco..

AfnanShahrim said...

owh u guys g gak ke??
i was there at the backstage..
tolong my fren siapkan elyana..

DaNnY oCeaN said...

haah.. i pergi jgk.. kan kita ada jumpe on that day.. lagi pon i pergi 2 2 hari.

actual day and rehearsal..