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Friday, February 27, 2009

MOre Taggy.. I LIke damm Much

there is one Hamba Allah telah tagged aku. But to you, no worries, I love taggy waggy things. hehehehe.. thanks angeldream. People can know about me through tag. Sapa- sapa nak ambil borang bagi nama sekarang and amik number.

5 Characteristics of your dream guy/girl

a) Rich
b) Chinese look!! (It’s a MUST!)
c) Pandai
d) Funny
e) At least mesti ada Ilmu Agama (WAJIB!!!!, mau kawin ka xmau???)

5 Characteristics that you have never like in a guy/girl

a) Snobbish
b) don’t want to listen advices
c) Never know how to respect elders
d) doest even know the responsibilities
e) GATAI (orunk Kuala Kangsar cakap :REBE)

5 feelings that you have when you’re out with the one you admire

a) laughing all the time (apakah??)
c) lover
d) I’m TAKEN
e) happy

5 places that you want to travel with your loved one

b) Amsterdam
c) New Zealand
d) Korea jugak lah…
e) Uzbekistan

5 special things that you would give to your loved one

a) Jaminan
b) Happiness
c) My time
d) surprise
e) Yada.. Yada.. Yada

5 songs that you will sing to your partner

a) She No You- Jesse Mccartney
b) Without you- Same- Same feat Jaclyn Victor
c) Love song to remember- Jamie Scott
d) When will I see your face again- Jamie Scott
e) SuperHuman- Christ Brown feat. Keri Hilson

5 friends that you want to tag
a) Padin
b) Hamz
c) Izzul
d) Rick
e) Zaid

last but not least, a thousand gratitude to Angerldream. =P

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HaMz said...

Wah bagus ni...

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dah wat dah! hehe

hans said...

mekah katanya......

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erk, utang tagged aku pun belum setel2 lg..ngeeeee..