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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

taggy waggy thing ---> I like!!!!

Lately, everyone like to post something anger, not satisfied with each others, stress and so on.. Sometimes I can feel the same thing as well, and trust me, I dont like it. To overcome this situation, lets do the taggy thing. I found this tagg quite interesting from http://privatedelusion.blogspot.com
(wah, siap promote lagi. Hahahaha...). Okay, let begin the taggy waggy thing.

The rule:

Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 people.

The Age Of The Coming Birthday

1st December 19**= 21 years old

The Place i would like to visit


The Favourite Place

Lecture hall, hahahaha...

The Favourite Food

Sushi at Sushi King

The Favourite Things

Crystal & White Jade

Nickname I Had

Danny Phantom @ Danny McCartney

Name of My Love

Let it be a SECRET

My Hobby

My Bad Habit

Gigit kuku

My Wishlist

Smart fort two Coupe

Naza Sorento

okay, now let's move on the person yang akan kena tag:
  1. Faiz
  2. Aliya
  3. Rick
  4. Hamz
  5. Shirin
  6. Takie
  7. Izzul
7 person been tagged! can't wait to see your new entry!!!

6 tenggelam:

angeldream said...

nice ! :D linked your blog as well



Rikhman said...

hahaha...cute...okla..senang nak buat.lol

John Micheal Takie Lewis said...

baik incik danny
tunggu sebentar

Aliya Azmi said...

WOIIII. apsal mesti google!

mesti gila bapak limited.

and u know what? tadi aku pinjam buku, cover dia sebijik mcm 'the secret' tu! peh. apakah?

btw, bila aku teringat Amsterdam, i always glued with the naked scene. well u knw, naked postcard and porn stuff. LOL!

Lord Fiqo said...

gigit kuku...?
r u serious...?

DaNnY oCeaN said...

angeldream: thank you, u're so kind.

rick: cute erk? buat tau..

takie: sampai bila aku nak kena tunggu ni?

aliya: aku nak g amsterdam sbb bunga tulip dye je. bukan sbb sana ada red light district. hawau!

Lord Fiqo: haah, seriously, i mmg gigit kuku. especially klu xtahan nak kencing.