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Monday, March 9, 2009

Tiket bas!

On Saturday 7 March 2009, I on my way back home right after my shooting for short film done. This short film yang aku kena buat just for my assignment. I swear to God this fucking production work was fucking tired and exhausted until my mind can’t function very well. This entry not telling you about my production team but, this entry tells you how an exhausting work can make you careless and you can do very simple and stupid mistake.

From Taman Melawati, to Puduraya, I take the train direct to Masjid Jamek, then from Masjid Jamek go to Plaza rakyat. Padahal aku boleh jalan je kot, bukan jauh mana pun. Because of I’m carried to many luggages, so I decided to take the train, its okay to spend money for my own good.

Nak dijadikan cerita, aku pergi ke BB, and after that I went to KLCC. Saje je nak jalan-jalan. Tension dah penat bekerja selama 2 hari. So nak release tension jab. Watched movie- Marley and ME (movie review right after this), makan ice cream and so on. Dan dipendekkan cerita aku pun balik la ke Puduraya.

Owh, before I forgot, one of my bestfriend is willing to buy me a ticket back to Batu Gajah, as we all afraid if we’re late, all the ticket sold out. Then we met her at BB, eat the best Nasi Ayam BBQ. (nasib baik ayam, kalau itik, dah lama aku muntah lepas tengok video from aliph punya blog, sial je orang yang abuse those animals). She gave me the ticket. As she’s one of my bestfriend, so I considered that she know where is the correct place for me, so I’ll just took the ticket without checked at the details. Moreover, I in very tiring condition, and again I can’t think any of the consequences.

As she told me that she manage to get my bus on 7:30 pm we can go and lepak- lepak first. And I manage to get in there at 7:10 pm. Without wasting any time, I directly go to the platform. The first bus that I see there was Plusliner express and that bus goes to Ipoh.

ME: owh, maybe the bus not coming yet.

Me: Wait! Plusliner naver late. Since I was born, this bus always gives their best services.

And I kept waiting without looking at the ticket, because I believed there is traffic jammed around Puduraya. The clock turning at 7:55 pm, and I start mengelabah dah.

ME: Mana bas ni? Tak sampai- sampai lagi. Nak kena pukui ni!

Until there is one bus conductor sampai and jerit

Conductor bus: Lumut, Lumut, Lumut.

I was so relieve because the bus to Lumut was there. Usually, to go to the Lumut, the bus akan lalu dekat Batu Gajah. To make sure that I’m not going to enter the wrong bus, I asked the conductor.

ME: Bang, Bas ni lalu dekat Batu Gajah tak?

Conductor: Tak.

ME: Bas pergi ke Batu Gajah bila nak sampai?

Conductor: Bas kamu pukul berepa? Pergi mana?

ME: Batu Gajah, Pukul 7:30 pm
Conductor: huh??? Bak saya tengok tiket kamu.

As he looked at the ticket,

Conductor: Cuba kamu tengok tiket kamu betul- betul..

So, aku pun tengoklah. YA ALLAH! My bus was suppose go to IPOH at 7:30 pm 07/30/09, and shit, I felt like I wanna cried! My bus already moves. And I have to buy another ticket. More dramatic, ticket to Batu Gajah sold out for the rest of the week. So, nak tak nak, aku kena beli gak tiket ke Ipoh. Pukul 9:30 pm okay! Fucked up gile. And I manage to naik bas pukul 8:30 because they have seat available for 5 people.

Conclusion of this entry:

1. Checked ticket anda terlebih dahulu.
2. Pesan pada kawan anda akan lokasi yang anda bakal turun.
3. Fikir panjang, jangan sebab ko dah penat, ko malas nak fikir.

8 tenggelam:

Shukri Saleh said...

Padan Muka...
revenge is sweet..
gurau je...
at least selamat sampai...

- Isabella - said...

kesian okey???



tp msih boleh lagi gelak:)

sHuHaDa said...

huhuhu sabar2..yg penting sampai jua ke destinasi yg di tuju...;-)

flurry adams said...

sian danny..
30 julai danny

bleh simpan tiket tuh//..

Mya Zulkifli said...

adoi.. kesiannye! hukhuk.... sokayy.. janj smpai jugak kt tmpat yg dtuju.. ;]

DicKiE aDaMs said...

jap.. aku xphm.. ko beli tiket ari ape? cmne leh tlepas..


Rikhman said...

but i miss the pack schedule last sem...sem ini ADO?..

Lord Fiqo said...

glad that you make it as your lesson.
so people, let's learn from this =)