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Thursday, September 10, 2009

H.A.P.P.Y. A word that last's a life time!!

Recently, many people come out with their own dictionary, for example, one of my closest friends... His name is Becker. I think Aliya Azmi the 2nd also has her own dictionary, it just that she does not named it yet (I THINK!). For me, I also have my own dictionary named DANNIctionary. In our dictionary has specifically in term- term that you guys wouldn’t find in anywhere else. In our dictionary, there are few terms that will never be found anywhere. As for my dictionary, the definition for the word will be shown with picture. This will ensure the reader to have more understanding on the meaning to be delivered, despite of having those literal word.

Okay, let me recall about some of my term in my dictionary, do you guys still remember one of my entry “There is no charge for awesomeness and attractiveness”??? (Ceh wah, cerita macam blog aku ni ramai follower plak, hahahaha...). That is one of the definitions that you can find in my dictionary. Kalau macam Aliya Azmi the 2nd pula, dia punya term yang still aku ingat adalah Cookies and pucuk muda, and for becker plak, banyak weh terms dia tapi yang paling aku ingat sekali adalah definisi Mulut itik muka pepet... HAhahahaha... Tak dilupakan juga Rick, term dia yang paling diingati ramai adalah CUPCAKES!! (hehehe... I LIKE!) (Rasanya dah lama sangat tak mention nama rick dalam blog aku ni, sorry rick)

Today, I want to share with you guys one of my definitions that you may find in DANNictionary, and the words is HAPPY, GROSS and SEXY.

Okay, follow the instruction carefully:

  1. Go to your nearest bookstore.

  2. Find the most experience shopkeeper there.

  3. Ask him/ her where can you find the LATEST EDITION of DANNictionary

  4. Search the word HAPPY, GROSS and SEXY.

The word HAPPY:
Definition no. 11
You can see his face

The word GROSS:
Definition no. 1

The word SEXY:
Definition no. 8

Hehehe... Aku tak bermaksud nak mengaibkan sesiapa dalam blog ni just that I find out these picture suits those word well... hahahaha...

Actually aku nak bagitau my current mood. I'm HAPPY but I'm not. Walaupun aku happy macam yang dalam gambar dekat atas tu, tapi aku still rasa something missing dalam diri aku. I admit that someone datang dalam hidup aku (Sorry sayang, aku tidak menduakan kamu, infact aku still love you and love you even more), dan aku rasa sangat happy thank to you (fikir la sendiri siapa dia), but when shit happens, the definition of HAPPY immediately berubah.

Therefore the real definition of HAPPY come to this:




Mohd Nasrul Faiz b. Abu Azal/DicKiE aDaMs






P/S: to faiz sorry bebanyak i just realize that aku xda gambar ko yang proper...

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