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Monday, September 1, 2008

this is the fact, FASTING month, HOLY mood

Tup, tap, tup, tap....

Its already Bulan Puasa... Time is moving so fast. I don't know why. But, I tried to imagine, if The Time(TT) is a person, he exactly like a human being. Rushing all the time. (macam orang nak pergi tandas, en en en? Laju je gerak..) After this, we all will facing the mid term exam especially UiTM Malacca Student. If we didn't manage and work like the TT, definitely we're left behind. Am I right? Then, we'll celebrating the Hari Raya Puasa, I barely can't wait to enjoy that moment. It been such a long time for me, after a few years not feeling to celebrate the EID, after my parent divorced. Now, the spirit has come. Come on Raya, Come on, bring me some cheers. After raya, the climax of this semester will come. Its our Final Exam, but till now, I never under stand what ever I've already learned during my PnP session. Hrmmmmm.... I'm STILL SEARCHING, what should I do now. I'm worried, but never take action, as TT goes and moving forward, without looking back or even wait for me. How pathetic? huh?

What I'm trying to say is, if TT can manage to moving fast, why can't us? HE manage to worked with His owned. HE doesn't care about others, if you're late, then bye bye, am leavin' (ala ala lagu Jesse Mccartney- leavin'). If you manage to catch up, then you're in my team. Yes TT, I'll tried to catch you, but give me a moment.  Once again, This is not what am trying to say. It is all about Holy Mood..

Puasa, every one knows, we had to control everything. Especially our desire. We can't eat, drink, masturbate(hahaha...), watch porn, gossip, say those bad words and all thing that can make our Phahala Phuasa decrease. But, how many of us can do that thing? Huh? Tell me. Named me a few. And am Still Searching, who ever can do that. I want to learn from them. As I'm dying to do that. Even I being insulted while I'm trying to do those good deed. Can you see how poor nowadays human being? And I totally disappointed when they even "LAHA" on me.

"Danny, jangan berlagak suci dengan kita orang...."

Am so surprised when I received those responds. Can't you think? "Tuhan sentiasa memerhatikan apa yang kamu kerjakan." And I always advised my friends when they "LAHA" on me.

Danny: "i never expect my friends say those bad words on me, especially during this fasting month"

And their responds,

Friends: "whoa, nice Caption, ko ambil dari mana?" 

Dear Friends,

During this fasting month, "banyak- banyakkan lah beribadah, dan bertaubat". Even I'm not so good in religious, but I'm not naive. Both MALAIKAT, always write down in every single thing that we've done. hrmmm.....

p/s: lately, bloggers always haunted with guilty. 

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DicKiE aDaMs said...

aku setuju part keinsafan tu kakak.. diorang suruh kite berubah..tp bile kite mule nak berubah, diorang perli2 lak! haha sbnrya..diorg yg living in denial! hahaha

posa=xleh mastubate=menci! hahah

Aliya Azmi. said...

laha tu apa??