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Thursday, September 25, 2008

SIRI 1- the journey to the north...

A Week Before- 18th Sept 2008

Its been a long time for me not PUBLISH a new post.. And its been a while for me not to went back to my kampung (home). I really  miss my home, never been better than your own house. I miss my mother, my elder sister & my hometown.
(right now, I'm still searching a right words to write in this blog) 

During this festive season, everyone change their spirit into happy mood, cheerful, and RAYA mood of course. And i also still switch my mood to that particular occasion. 

I'm felt so happy and can't wait for HARI RAYA, me, Hazrul and Shirin were talking about home and RAYA almost everyday as we so excited to go back home because we not went back to our house for a long period. We start packing the luggage from a week before. Many of my level mate and friends shock why we are packed the bag so early. Its seem like we don't want to come back anymore.

The Day Has Come- 25th Sept 2008

Because am were so excited, I can't sleep yesterday. I'm in Hazrul college yesterday, spending time together. I had so much fun yesterday, chatting, laughing and dancing for Hari RAYA with Hazrul, Betik, Mirul, Hamzah, Anap, MEMEN of course, Suri, Fikry, Akir and a few to be named  (beberapa orang lagi yang aku sendiri dah tak ingat siapa).  After sahur, I have to say goodbye to all of them, as I'm scared I won't be able to meet them after this because I've class to attend before I leave this beloved campus. 

MEMEN with his cute little elmo

"Definitely Danny will miss his little new brother MEMEN (hehehe)" said my heart to myself (apa aku nak cakap sebenarnya ni). I knew that he also going back back home today as well as Suri, so I really going to miss them like hell. 

I went back to my collage and straight away packing my bag as I can't sleep, cause I know if I fall asleep, I won't be able to wake up. And...............
Holy Shit!, I missed the morning class as I fall asleep, I don't know when? Suddenly, I just felt like want to remind MEMEN to meet me before he step away from this campus. And luckyly, he still here while his parents are already here to pick him up. I'm shocked and go to his block straight away, and give him KAD RAYA. 

I get myself ready to go to the last class before I leavin- Jesse McCartney this campus. I'm going to class, with the biggest luggage ever then anyone in UiTM. Meet my Alif-ku SAYANG, hug him, farewell kisses and gives KAD RAYA. Masuk kelas, cikgu mengajar, hati fikir rumah, cikgu marah, yada, yada, yada, yada, Kelas HABIS, salam2 dengan kawan2 kelas, feluk2, and KELUAR kelas.

This is The Actual Story

I've to carried out the biggest beg- roda ever. I've to climb so many tangga (tahu la, UiTM kan Looooooooove tangga sana sini), cross the Longkang and walk around 91.5 metre from DKC to the bus stop dekat depan UiTM tu. But, I never felt exhausted or something (risau korang je la yang fenat baca post ni, panjang oooo)

to be continued...

p/s: one thing i hate about home is the internet connection, am not able to open even yahoo!

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Aliya Azmi. said...

tahu la, UiTM kan Looooooooove tangga sana sini..

ACTUAL story ko tu kelakaaaaaaaaa la!!!! aku dapat bygkan gaya ko masa ko bebelkan benda ni. HAHAHHA