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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dirty note

semalam masa aku tengah tunggu lecturer aku, aku pun lepak la dengan classamte aku, and they tell me a story... The story all about dirty jokes! FUCK U ADAM and ZAMIR.

Story 1:

ADAM: There is one couple who just get married, And they happy for the whole thing.

Me: Why?

ADAM: The man happy about the wHOLE, and the girl happy about the THING!

story 2:

ZAMIR: There is one soldier, dah pencen dah pun... Come and visit Malaysia, and suddenly he thinking of nak "chur" with a prostitute. Off he went to the Lorong Haji Taib and pick up the whore... At the hotel:

Scene 1:

while they "pap3"

GIRL: Sakit, Sakit....

Soldier: I don't want to suck it, I want to fuck it!

Scene 2:

They still "PAP3"

Girl: Tolong, tolong....

Soldier: Its not too long, It just nice...

Scene 3:

The Next morning after they "PAP3" the solder tgh isap rokok,

Girl: DUIT!!!

Soldier: Fuck you, I've already done four time last night!

Story 3:

Ada seorang pelajar Universiti Cross-Terbalik dapat satu berita yang atok nye dah kojol.... Off he went to his Grand-opah house....

Grand-cucu: I'm sorry for the lost

Grand-opah: menangis....

Grand-cucu: Can you tell me how did actually grand-atok died?

Grand-opah: Its to embarrass to tell...

Grand-cucu: Come on lah weh, Im already a College student, I'm sure I can keep up..

Grand-opah: Okay... Well, As u already know, we both are senior citizen, but we still have the desire to have sex... We do it every Sunday morning, and your atok follow the church-bell-ring.

ting tong

in out

ting tong

in out

Grand-opah: but yesterday, there is one fella jual ice cream, bunyikan loceng dye...

Kling, kling, kling, kling...

in out, in out, in out, in out...

Grand- opah: Atok ko ingat tue bunyi loceng gereja... dye pon ikot la beat loceng tue.. that the reason why he died...


CHUR- melanggan/ melacur

PAP3- beromen la!

I believe you guys pun ada dirty jokes kan? share with me!

p/s: sorry if the jokes doesn't make you laugh at all... :)