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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dirty note

semalam masa aku tengah tunggu lecturer aku, aku pun lepak la dengan classamte aku, and they tell me a story... The story all about dirty jokes! FUCK U ADAM and ZAMIR.

Story 1:

ADAM: There is one couple who just get married, And they happy for the whole thing.

Me: Why?

ADAM: The man happy about the wHOLE, and the girl happy about the THING!

story 2:

ZAMIR: There is one soldier, dah pencen dah pun... Come and visit Malaysia, and suddenly he thinking of nak "chur" with a prostitute. Off he went to the Lorong Haji Taib and pick up the whore... At the hotel:

Scene 1:

while they "pap3"

GIRL: Sakit, Sakit....

Soldier: I don't want to suck it, I want to fuck it!

Scene 2:

They still "PAP3"

Girl: Tolong, tolong....

Soldier: Its not too long, It just nice...

Scene 3:

The Next morning after they "PAP3" the solder tgh isap rokok,

Girl: DUIT!!!

Soldier: Fuck you, I've already done four time last night!

Story 3:

Ada seorang pelajar Universiti Cross-Terbalik dapat satu berita yang atok nye dah kojol.... Off he went to his Grand-opah house....

Grand-cucu: I'm sorry for the lost

Grand-opah: menangis....

Grand-cucu: Can you tell me how did actually grand-atok died?

Grand-opah: Its to embarrass to tell...

Grand-cucu: Come on lah weh, Im already a College student, I'm sure I can keep up..

Grand-opah: Okay... Well, As u already know, we both are senior citizen, but we still have the desire to have sex... We do it every Sunday morning, and your atok follow the church-bell-ring.

ting tong

in out

ting tong

in out

Grand-opah: but yesterday, there is one fella jual ice cream, bunyikan loceng dye...

Kling, kling, kling, kling...

in out, in out, in out, in out...

Grand- opah: Atok ko ingat tue bunyi loceng gereja... dye pon ikot la beat loceng tue.. that the reason why he died...


CHUR- melanggan/ melacur

PAP3- beromen la!

I believe you guys pun ada dirty jokes kan? share with me!

p/s: sorry if the jokes doesn't make you laugh at all... :)

2 tenggelam:

annuar musa said...

hahaha den pn ado dirty joke gak den nk post nnt kau tgk tau

Puteri Sepi said...


even joke ni dah pernah dngr, tp syiqa still sengih sorg2 kat depan pc nih